TCGD: More like American't

Jon Steitzer
December 31 2014 08:13AM


Today is the round robin match that everyone has been waiting for. Team Canada vs. Team Our Parents Immigrated from Canada. As a child of the 80s it seems odd to consider the US as Canada's chief hockey rival, but I can no longer trap myself in 1987 and continue to believe that the Russians are the greatest test for Canada.

This game preview could take the high road and talk about how great the US National Team Development Program is, and how I wish that Hockey Canada had something resembling anything close to that. We could talk about how this game could be a gold medal preview and features the two undefeated teams from Group A and a victory has the high stakes of a much easier path to the medal round, though losing to the Swiss or the Czechs would be unlikely for either of these teams.

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#mycolumn: december 30

Bobby Cappuccino
December 30 2014 02:27PM

nasa carlyle

Hey guys welcome to my column, the only column that is mine.

Normally I post on Mondays, but yesterday was a busy day on the site and I want lots of attention for my columns so I am posting it today. Bask in it please.

This is also my first column in a few weeks. I know that disappointed a lot of you, and I am sorry. I need to show more compete and fight through to get these columns done. Not a lot of room out there, gotta fight for my space on the internet.

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LFR8 - Game 37 - ACME - Tor 2, TB 3

Steve Dangle
December 30 2014 03:31AM

Screen shot 2014-12-30 at 4.28.40 AM

ACME. Coffee Patron. Fire Randy Carlyle.

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Reinhart Shines, Canada Drops Finland 4-1

Justin Fisher
December 29 2014 10:13PM

It would appear to be a one-sided victory when you look at the scoreboard, but Team Canada's 4-1 win over Team Finland was close, hard fought one. Finland, desperate to avoid dropping three straight games to open the tournament, kept the game close until late in the third period, but ultimately couldn't contain Canada's explosive offence.

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Bobby Cappuccino
December 29 2014 08:54PM

For this postgame, you are going to see me quote myself. That’s pretty self-involved, but my birthday was yesterday so leave me alone. Yes I am going to milk the birthday thing for another few days.
But let’s be honest, the above tweet is accurate.

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