Should The Leafs Retain Salary Today?

Jeff Veillette
March 02 2015 09:38AM

The Leafs are kicking a lot of tires today. Pretty much anybody is at play, whether you're a soon to be UFA fourth liner or a top liner. As such, people are discussing ways to maximize value in the next three or four hours. Salary retention has been increasingly discussed.

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TLN Player Power Rankings: Trade Deadline Edition

Jon Steitzer
March 02 2015 09:00AM

It's trade deadline day and for the 29 GMs shopping at the ACC this year, I've done got the scouting report you need right here. We've got tons of fine merchandise, and it's all available. Except for Rielly and Nylander, we'll probably hang on to them. No reasonable offer will be refused, and receive a Brandon Kozun free with any purchase.

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Who The Leafs Fanbase Wants Traded

Jeff Veillette
March 02 2015 08:55AM

Last night, I headed to Pearson Airport. No, I wasn't traded to a different blog on the Network (yet). My Nonna was coming home on an Alitalia flight after spending a few months in Italy, so we felt like picking her up was probably a good idea. Unfortunately, her flight was delayed, so we were there for an hour longer than planned.

What does this have to do with the deadline? Nothing. But while I was waiting, I asked Twitter who was on their trade list. Here were the results.

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What's Going On With Dion Phaneuf and the Detroit Red Wings?

Justin Fisher
March 02 2015 08:44AM

We're getting conflicting reports from Sportsnet and TSN, but nonetheless, there's a lot of talk around the Toronto Maple Leafs' Dion Phaneuf.

Not long ago, Sportsnet's John Shannon reported that the Detroit Red Wings have no interest in Dion Phaneuf at this time, throwing a whole bunch of cold water on TSN's Darren Dreger's earlier reports that Detroit and two other teams had talked to the Leafs about their captain.

From Shannon:

Wishful thinking from maple Leafs fans that Dion Phaneuf was going out of town. If the thought was that he's going to Detroit, he's not going to Detroit. There is at this point no way that Dion Phaneuf is going to be a Detroit Red Wing. It certainly looks like that right now.

Now, Dreger is back with an update, and he's not ready to concede. Apparently, Dion-to-Detroit is still very much a possibility. More after the jump!

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Maple Leafs Trade Deadline 2015: Rumour Roundup

Jeff Veillette
March 02 2015 07:30AM

Today is the day! At 3:00 PM EST, the NHL will officially close the doors on any trades that involve players looking to play hockey for their new teams this year. The Toronto Maple Leafs have given up on winning hockey games, and are expected to be big sellers; a process they've already started. Here's a round-up of some of the things that might go down.

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