Leafs Nation's all-time greatest Toronto Maple Leafs team: Johnny Bower

Cat Silverman
August 12 2015 02:26PM

Goaltenders all grow up with heroes; for me, the American in my mom's family, there's a soft spot for Jimmy Craig that will probably never go away. 

For Toronto goaltenders, though, Johnny Bower - born as John Kiszkan - is a hard name to top. Nicknamed 'The China Wall' for being both impenetrable in net and old as dirt, Bower would kind of be the Andrew Hammond of the 1960's - only he'd do it for over a decade, winning Toronto four Stanley Cups in the process. He didn't singlehandedly take the Leafs from last place in the NHL to those four Cup championships in under ten years, but he was certainly a big part of the reason why that was possible. 

Now, his number (1) has been honored up in the rafters at Air Canada Centre; he's a Hall of Fame goaltender at both the AHL and NHL levels, ranks 87th on the Hockey News' 100 Best Players in NHL History, and once suited up for a game at the ripe age of 55 as a one-day emergency backup. 

Let's take a look back at the man, the legend, the originator of the poke check:

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TLN Prospect Profile: #18 Dmytro Timashov

Shawn Reis
August 12 2015 08:08AM


Our summer 2015 rankings of the 20 best Toronto Maple Leafs prospects continues today.  Coming in at #18 and making the first appearance of anybody on our list drafted this past June is Quebec Remparts winger Dmytro Timashov.

For this article we're going to take a look at Timashov's playing style, what sort of numbers he has (both fancy and otherwise), as well as a look ahead to next season, which figures to be a big one for the skilled Swedish forward.

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Does Devin Setoguchi make sense for the Leafs?

Ryan Fancey
August 11 2015 07:01PM

A little bit of news to pass along tonight, as Glen Campbell, CTV Sports Anchor in Calgary, reports that the Leafs may be closing in on a deal with Devin Setoguchi.

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TLN Prospect Profile: #19 Sam Carrick

Jeff Veillette
August 11 2015 03:02PM


When we did these rankings last year, there were a few disagreements regarding who placed where. None of them dragged on as long as the one involving Sam Carrick, however. I ranked him at #12, while most of the staff didn't have him on their lists at all. In particular, Justin thought I was being quite silly.


Fast forward a year, and Carrick is in the top twenty. Here's why.

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Pronman: Leafs have 2nd Best Prospect System in the NHL

Cat Silverman
August 11 2015 09:34AM

Corey Pronman is a polarizing name in the NHL, but one thing is certain - if anyone knows prospect systems inside and out, it's the long-tenured ESPN Insider. 

Which means that when he says that the Toronto Maple Leafs have the second best prospect system in the NHL, it's absolutely true. 

No, really. He's totally right. 

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