Cabbie, Kadri, JVR, make boss-ass Vine

Steve Dangle
September 18 2013 01:51PM

And just think, if Dave Nonis didn't get Kadri to sign a contract, we may have never gotten this video!

Nazem "the Dream" Kadri, James "JVR" van Riemsdyk, and funny TSN reporter dude Cabbie made a nifty little Vine video Wednesday afternoon. The Jock Jams music at the end is a nice touch, too.

This video is a few things.

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Toronto Maple Leaves forward Phil Kessel ranked No. 20 by ESPN

Cam Charron
September 18 2013 11:36AM

Thanks to Jonathan Willis for this screengrab from ESPN's Top 100 forwards list.

It's interesting, how a quibble over the team name is going to distract us from the fact that the 9th highest point-getter in the NHL during the last four years and perpetually healthy elite forward in the prime of his career is ranked just 20th. Even nuttier, 'retired' forward Ilya Kovalchuk made the list along with Calgary Flames' Sven Baertschi, a player with exactly 13 points and 25 games in his career.

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2013-14 Leafs Fantasy Hockey Preview - Forwards

Ryan Fancey
September 18 2013 05:36AM

Labor day is well behind us, football is up and running, and regular season hockey is just around the corner. This, of course, means it'll soon be time to get all your pals together, drink a few beers, and get drafting.

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - September 17, 2013 - So nice we did it twice!

Steve Dangle
September 17 2013 08:34PM


 The guys recorded a really good show!!!....but then that got deleted. SO THEY RECORDED A BETTER ONE.

Seriously though, we were like "Pfffft whatever, tech difficulties! We're gonna talk hockey stuff and things anyway!"

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Leafs Make First Cuts / D'Amigo's Leadership Leap?

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
September 17 2013 02:27PM

With two preseason games over and done with, the Toronto Maple Leafs have made their first set of cuts. Frederick Gauthier, Ryan Rupert, and Kevin Raine (non-signed invite) were sent to their respective junior teams for another year of development, but in the short term, they've also cut eleven other players, who have found their way to the Toronto Marlies roster in anticipation of their training camp. 

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