The Leafs are Sell-Outs

Danny Gray
November 24 2011 03:54PM


The Leafs are a bunch of Sell-Outs.

No, I don’t mean they sell-out every game, which they do, win or lose, much to the chagrin of Chris Jones.

I mean, they’ve changed.

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Jason Strudwick
November 24 2011 03:34PM

Last week Archaeology asked a great question about players accepting different roles on a team. This is an interesting topic that GMs, Coaches and players alike wrestle with every year.

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November 24 News and Notes

Robert Cleave
November 24 2011 11:50AM


The quarter pole has arrived in the NHL season, and News and Notes is back to examine the state of affairs around the Nation and the league. In this episode, the Flames head for the bottom, the Oilers bounce back, and hockey's best rejoins the action.

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Igor Korolev: "The power of will can overcome everything"

Pension Plan Puppets
November 24 2011 09:20AM

The Nations' roving Russian reporter Andrey Osadchenko unearthed and translated this interview from Sports.Ru for Leafs fans. It offers some candid insight into Igor Korolev, his love of Canada, of hockey, and most importantly, of his family.

Igor Korolev played 4 seasons for the Maple Leafs before he was traded to the Blackhawks. He scored 60 goals and 161 points in 297 regular season games as a Leaf. Last season was last in his professional career. After retirement he became an assistant coach of Lokomotiv Yaroslavl - a team that sadly died in terrible aircraft crash early in September.

This is his last interview. In December of 2009 Korolev told Alexei Shevchenko and Alexander Lyutikov what motivated him to keep playing hockey when he was almost 40, why his family stayed for good in Toronto and what defines a real hockey player.

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Let’s Talk More About The Kessel Trade!

Jonathan Willis
November 23 2011 05:59PM

It’s the debate that never seems to die: whether the trade that brought Phil Kessel to Toronto was a good decision or a poor decision. Seguin has a good week; it was a terrible trade. Kessel has a good week; it was a glorious bit of management by Leafs general manager Brian Burke.

Naturally, “Phil Kessel leads the NHL in scoring” moves the debate a little bit too.

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