Tuesday Mailbag: Social Media Response Happy Fun Time

Jeff Veillette
August 04 2015 09:11AM


Yeah, we missed the mailbag yesterday. In my defence, Civic Holiday is by far the most important of this nation's holidays. I had trees to put up and family to hug. By that, I mean I worked all day because the Eaton Centre never closes and I still live the real-world life for another month.

But hey! Lets make up for it by answering more questions than usual today.

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Mitch Marner dazzles in World Junior Showcase

Jeff Veillette
August 03 2015 10:49PM

HOCKEY? ON TELEVISION? No, those aren't vintage clips you saw on TSN tonight; hockey federations around the world taking advantage of the various offseasons to try out their best young talent in anticipation of the 2016 World Juniors. Team Canada are one of those countries, and as such have created a four game mini-series in Calgary. Tonight, the first game was played against Russia, and Leafs draft pick Mitch Marner stood out as one of the most dominant players on the ice.

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Relive the 2007-08 Toronto Maple Leafs Season

Ryan Fancey
August 03 2015 01:04PM

We often think of the post-lockout Leafs as one big disaster, but as Jeff mentioned in his review of the 2006-07 season, that team was only a shootout coin-flip away from a playoff showing. If not for some historically bad goaltending, that club actually may have found themselves well up the standings. In the season that followed, this would again be the case, though the results would be much worse.

It's the 2007-08 season when everything really started to take a major downturn for the last decade of Leafs teams, where they'd finish well out of the playoffs in what was the first of our Vesa Toskala Years.

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Bernier, Leafs settle before arbitration ruling

Jeff Veillette
August 02 2015 10:07AM

Jonathan Bernier and the Toronto Maple Leafs were $2.2 million apart just four days ago, but with three hours to spare, the two sides have avoided the need for an arbitrators ruling and agreed to terms on a new contract.

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Relive the 2006-07 Toronto Maple Leafs Season

Jeff Veillette
August 01 2015 07:26AM

If 2005/06 was the season that proved that the Leafs weren't qiute thinking about the radical changes ahead for the NHL, the year that followed was one of the last opportunites they had to take advantage of their short-sightedness. To be fair, a lot of things came together for this team, and 90% of what was going on made it one of the best Leafs teams of the past twenty years. However, the "bad" 10% was enough to push the team into irrelevance. 

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