Leafs Post Game: Four past, fourth last

Jeff Veillette
February 28 2015 08:22PM


I'm starting to suspect that this team is never going to win a game on the road ever again. That's probably a coincidence more than anything, but still, tonight's loss now makes it so Toronto will have road wins in no more than two of the first nine months of this calendar year. Heck, with only two road games in April and this team likely to sell, sell, sell by Monday, it'll probably be one of nine.

Needless to say, don't travel with the team, you'll leave disappointed. Like the guy who threw his Kessel jersey after Toronto's 4-0 loss to the Habs.

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Marlies defeat Adirondack for 4th consecutive win

Jeff Veillette
February 28 2015 07:48PM


Don't look now, but the Toronto Marlies are making the twenty five games of the season into interesting ones. A few moves in the organization have given the team much more depth than they had to start the season, the goalies are stopping just enough pucks to keep the team afloat, and a little bit of luck combine to suddenly put this team back in the playoff picture. This means every game matters, particularly when facing a team like Adirondack, who is within striking distance. Oh, did they ever strike.

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Report: Maple Leafs 'Appear to be Listening to Offers' for Jonathan Bernier

Justin Fisher
February 28 2015 07:42PM

Could Toronto's scorched earth approach to the upcoming NHL trade deadline include a Jonathan Bernier trade?

On Saturday night Sportsnet's Damien Cox suggested as much on the always-interesting Hockey Night in Canada Saturday Headlines segment:

"There's lots and lots to talk about with the Toronto Maple Leafs. As we expected, they could be the most active team in the National Hockey League. What's interesting is now they appear to be listening to offers for goaltender Jonathan Bernier... Now they're listening, so what that means we'll wait and see, but there are teams out there in the National Hockey league who might be interested in upgrading their goaltender. The San Jose Sharks have been talked about all season long. Dallas Stars, maybe, although they already went out and got Jhonas Enroth."

That's as interesting as it is perplexing. It also isn't the first time Cox has mentioned the possibility of Bernier being on the move, so this isn't necessarily coming out of left field.

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LGD - Leafs Hit the Road for Four Starting in Montreal

Elizabeth Bate
February 28 2015 12:10PM

Here we go again. 

Playing in Montreal tonight the Leafs are looking to extend their streak with a win against the Habs, and I don't mean to sound skeptical or anything, but if they win tonight I'll look at buying a lottery ticket tomorrow; the odds just aren't in their favour.

But in the true spirit of a masochist (fifty shades of blue?), I'll still be cheering them on from the comfort of my bar stool.  Hey, at least they aren't Buffalo.

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Which Players on Today's Waivers Make Sense for the Leafs?

Shawn Reis
February 28 2015 12:06PM

With the trade deadline just two days away, teams are looking to free up cap space and clear up roster spots any way that they can.  With that in mind, a handful of players hit the waiver wire this afternoon.  Specifically, Brandon McMillan of the Vancouver Canucks, Tim Erixon of the Chicago Blackhawks, David Schlemko of the Dallas Stars, Aaron Volpatti of the Washington Capitals, and Rob Zepp of the Philadelphia Flyers.  Could any of these players make sense for the Leafs?  Let's take a closer look.

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