The NationDrafts Winner Is...

June 17 2015 01:10PM

You picked your team. You watched the playoffs. You hoped to score prizes and Internet glory. Today, we make a dream come true as we announce the winner of the 2015 NationDrafts Playoff Pool. 

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Draft Numbers: USHL Forwards and the First Round

Shawn Reis
June 17 2015 12:01PM

The Draft Numbers series rolls on.  Today we're going to branch outside of the CHL and take a look at the USHL forwards of this year's draft class to see how they hold up against previous USHL first-rounders.

Quick refresher: what we'll be doing is looking at every USHL forward drafted in the top ten, between 11th and 20th, and between 21st and 30th overall since the 2005 draft.  Then we'll be plugging in the top USHL forwards from this year's draft class and seeing what sort of company history puts them in.  From there, we'll see if we can start to come to any meaningful conclusions about the top USHL forwards of this year's draft.  Let's begin:

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Bernier's wife causes stir by posting baby photo, making cryptic comment on Instagram

Thomas Drance
June 17 2015 10:22AM

Photo Credit: Aaron Dorster/USA TODAY Sports

Hockey's traditional silly season is just beginning, although in Toronto it seems like hockey's silly season never ends.

On Wednesday morning Toronto-area Twitter feeds lit up with talk about what Maple Leafs goaltender Jonathan Bernier's wife, Martine Forget of Hockey Wives fame, had 'leaked' on Instagram when she gave a cryptic response to someone asking why her newborn baby wasn't wearing a Leafs bib or onesie of some sort. 

Yes, this is the stupidest and most typical Maple Leafs non-story since that time Steven Stamkos favorited a tweet and launched a trillion blog posts (and an official comment from his current team).

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5 Maple Leafs Players That are Good Enough to Build Around

Ryan Fancey
June 17 2015 09:03AM

Photo Credit: Aaron Doster/USA TODAY Sports

Rumours have been swirling around the Toronto Maple Leafs and their top players since February, and that sort of talk is only going to get louder as we get closer to draft day and the opening of the unrestricted free agent market.

We strongly suspect that Toronto will move out as much of their "core" as possible, and even the vets who are left over after this summer will likely be subject to trade talks leading up to next year's deadline, but after it's all said and done, what will the next core look like?

The Leafs are currently in the tear down and accumulate phase of the Shanaplan, but in the next phase, "the build", I suppose, we should get an idea of who they want to prop up. 

Here are a few players who should be around to see things shake out.

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First Round Targets: Filip Chlapik

Ryan Fancey
June 17 2015 08:00AM

On most prospect rankings, Filip Chlapik isn't even the top draft-eligible on his own team, but he is one of two Charlottetown Islanders - the other being Daniel Sprong - who could be selected in the first round.  

Hailing from the Czech Republic, Chlapik has just finished his first season on this side of the pond, and his production was impressive. He might be a slightly off-the-board pick for the Leafs at 24th, but as a highly-skilled 6'1 center he should have at least caught their attention.

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