Paying the right price for goaltenders

Cam Charron
July 19 2012 04:48AM

Tomas Vokoun, not a Toronto Maple Leaf

One of the most worrying things about cheering for an NHL team is the feeling that, out of nowhere, the organization will make a horrific trade, handicapping the team's future for minimal return. That's not exactly the case in Toronto, as it was a series of moves made by the two previous regimes that left Brian Burke in a tight spot, none that really concentrated on prospects or the league heading to a salary cap system. JP Nikota looked at that in some detail yesterday.

Overpaying for players is a pretty sensitive issue for the Leafs and their fans. Particularly when their star player was brought over for a fairly expensive price tag, the last thing this team needs is to pay the premium the Vancouver Canucks want for Roberto Luongo or another goaltender and have them disappoint in Toronto because you really can't predict goaltending.

But this morning we'll do just that. I want to look a bit at recent goalie movement, as well as the price and success of bringing a goalie to a new team.

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VIDEO POST!!! Yay or Nay for Bernier, Luongo, Reimer

Steve Dangle
July 18 2012 03:02PM

With all the talk surrounding Jonathan Bernier or Roberto Luongo coming to the Maple Leafs, Cam Charron and Steve Dangle teamed up Wednesday morning to shoot a video together to discuss the situation. Among the topics covered were Bernier and Luongo in some depth, along with the unpredictability of goaltenders and why James Reimer has to be the guy in Toronto.

Follow us past the jump for the video.

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Would The Leafs Be Ready For Another Lockout?

JP Nikota
July 18 2012 12:27PM

 After the NHL's recent offer to its players, many pundits have begun to predict that a lockout looms in the league's future.  It may not be another full-season lost (I'm preparing my will, because that might be the death of me), but we may go a number of months without hockey.

It's hard to predict the full extent of the damage a full season's labor dispute would do to a team like the Toronto Maple Leafs, but I like to think it won't be as bad as last time.

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Maple Leafs identity: Part II - "The underdog fetish"

Cam Charron
July 18 2012 06:40AM

In our brief search to find the "identity" of the Toronto Maple Leafs , Danny, JP and Ryan posted yesterday about the desire of Torontonians to cheer for a tough, blue-collar team reminiscient of Conn Smythe's desires back during the good ol' days. Today, Andrew Bates, Steve Dangle, Matt Wright and Cam Charron all offer their takes on what it means to be a Toronto Maple Leaf.


If we were to talk about the Maple Leafs "identity" in the John Ferguson Jr. / Brian Burke era, after wiping away tears, we would all come up with the same word: Losers. That's not to say that any of the players were losers, just that when they were put together on the ice they, as a group, formed a loser. Now, losers is a fairly PG word for what the Leafs have been since the lockout and we would like to call them worse names but it's not exactly an identity.

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Does Kessel Have to Play With a #1 Centre?

A. Bates
July 17 2012 02:01PM

Ryan Remiorz/The Canadian Press

An ongoing problem for the Leafs, in every summer that I can remember, is finding them a number one centre that can transform Phil Kessel into the next Great One.

It seems like, in Toronto, no fan will be happy with anything less then the reincarnation of Mats Sundin. I have to tell you folks, the Maple Leafs might not have a centre like Mats Sundin for another 20 years, or maybe even ever (okay, that would be really sad), and that's okay.

Follow me over the jump to find out why.

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