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Nation World HQ
May 01 2015 06:30AM


Dave Nonis speaks after firing, changes Canucks will make, renewed life in Edmonton, Flames round 2 matchup, Jets continue to roll out playoff injury list, more 2015 draft coverage, a classic playoff tilt and more in this week's Roundup brought to you by Draftkings.

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Pittsburgh Should Trade Malkin to the Leafs? No. Stop it.

Justin Fisher
April 30 2015 05:48PM

A fun little piece ran in the Edmonton Journal earlier today, talking about the Pittsburgh Penguins and the apparent necessity for them to move Evgeni Malkin. Jim Matheson talked about several situations in which the Penguins could move their (other) star centre, and... wait, no. Stop. Don't drag the Leafs into this...

The Leafs need a first-line centre, too. Would they go Malkin for Phil Kessel and his $8 million salary and Tyler Bozak? Kessel could play with Crosby.

Ah, crap.

Alright, let's deal with this and quickly move past it, yeah?

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Examining the Possibilities of Toronto's (Other) First Round Pick

Adam Laskaris
April 30 2015 11:59AM

With their season far behind them now, the Leafs' and their management are looking ahead to the offseason, and the 2015 draft of course is of prime focus. With much of the talk being focused on the Leafs' current spot at 4th overall, there is also another pick that could prove very important to the Leafs' rebuilding efforts.

As you probably recall, the Leafs picked up the Nashville Predators' first round selection this year in a package of a trade that sent Mike Santorelli and Cody Franson to the Tennessee-based franchise. With Nashville now out of the playoff race, the pick will now sit from 22nd-24th in the opening round of the upcoming draft. 

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The Case for Drafting Ivan Provorov

Jon Steitzer
April 30 2015 08:20AM

One of the things about this Making a Case series that we’ve been running on TLN is that it’s been a great opportunity for the writers here to sing the praises of players we’d love to see in the Blue and White. The thing about Provorov is that I’m sure many of us are regarding him as the worst case scenario of this bunch. While he’s certainly not my first choice, or second, or third, or fourth of this group (Friday’s prospect deserves some more consideration than he’s been getting), hopefully I can make enough of a case that in the event he was drafted Toronto can avoid the hysteria we experienced when Morgan Rielly was taken over Filip Forsberg or even better, make the case that the Leafs should move mountains to acquire a second top ten pick.

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Marlies End Winning Streak, Fail To Sweep Griffins

Jeff Veillette
April 29 2015 07:59PM


You didn't think it was going to last forever, did you? While I'm sure the Toronto Marlies would have been happy with never losing a hockey game again, the odds of that weren't exactly in their favour. Pure probability aside, the Grand Rapids Griffins are very good and not the type of team that just gets swept in the first round, regardless of opponent. This was proven tonight, as the nine game winning streak was snapped by a 5-2 defeat.

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