Get outta town

Ryan Fancey
May 16 2012 09:54AM

I won't lie, this article was brought about by two others I just read this morning: Should the Oilers go after Jordin Tootoo? by Jonathan Willis at Oilers Nation, and Why GMs Overpay for Bottom Six Players by the Leafs Nation's own Danny Gray.

Before you close your browser thinking "this idiot is going to suggest Tootoo to (to to to) the Leafs", don't! I will do no such thing. By the end of the Oilers Nation piece, where Willis pointed out Tootoo's crazy playoff tirade, I was quite positive that I wanted that guy as far away from the Leafs as possible. Not that I really care about players who say dumb things, but Tootoo really seems like a bit of a risk when you don't need to take one for a player of his skill level.

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Why GMs Overpay for Bottom Six Players

Danny Gray
May 15 2012 04:11PM


Armstrong was somehow injured on this play. 

A lot of the off season moves in the NHL are about “keeping up with the Joneses”. One of the first things a new GM, or a team with a new owner does is open up the wallet and dole out some cash to UFAs on July 1. This sends a variety of messages. It tells their owner and fans they’ll do what it takes to make the team better. It tells opposing GMs that their team will be tougher to play against next year. And it tells me that they may have fallen victim to the Prius Effect.

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Per Internet, Leo Komarov to join Leafs next season

Cam Charron
May 14 2012 09:54AM

As usual, when any information breaks out of Russia, credit goes to Dmitry Chesnokov for finding the nugget:

Now, we had known last week if we were paying attention that Komarov has wanted to come and join the Toronto Maple Leafs. He had a year left on his contract, but there was an "out" clause that he used, and apparently he is about to exercise. Nothing is official out of Toronto yet.

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UFA Wishlist: Who is that?

A. Bates
May 13 2012 05:53PM

It's well known that come July first most of the teams in the NHL will be offering long and lucrative contracts to Ryan Suter and Zach Parise - if they in fact make it to UFA status. While these two players would help the Maple Leafs turn their playoff drought into a playoff berth next season, it's not likely that they will be able to fit either of those players under their cap, without shedding some salary.

Finding serviceable free agents, who will provide your team with solid play - at a reasonable cost (aka not Mike Komisarek or Colby Armstrong) is key to turning around a struggling franchise without a large amount of NHL ready, high ceiling prospects.

Here I will dive into the UFA pool, seeing if there is anything valuable (again, at a reasonable cost) to be had.

Let's take a look at Matt Carle over the jump.

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Playoff Picks, Round 3

Jonathan Willis
May 13 2012 05:47PM

It's been an unpredictable playoffs.  As it stands, 12 series have been concluded.  None of our entrants to date have pegged more than seven correctly, and our average is sitting between four and five.

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