Tuesday Morning Hockey Sense

Danny Gray
March 20 2012 05:35AM



Jay Rosehill pulled a muscle trying to solve this one. 

I don't even know what to say anymore. Despite the fact that every rational observer knew the Leafs season was over, people were still shocked they got steamrolled by a team with a five game winning streak against them. Every game has somehow turned into a referendum on Brian Burke's job building this team, which is a tad myopic.

I want no part in that, so here is some trivia for you.

Here are hockey related dates, which number finishes the sequence?


1995, 1994, 1979, 1968, 1996, ?


 First correct answer gets to feel a little better about themselves this morning. 

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Black and Bruined

Matt Stephen
March 19 2012 08:02PM

Editor's Note:  Photo courtesy of @MHCranberry 's interesting timeline. Apologies for the late note I forgot originally.

The odds were stacked against the Maple Leafs, having lost five of the six games in the season series. The Bruins had outscored them 28-10 before the puck dropped, but against all odds, they came out with two points against the reigning Stanley Cup champs pushing the winning streak to three.

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Yeah, The Maple Leafs Aren’t As Bad As Columbus

Jonathan Willis
March 19 2012 12:26PM

According to the Toronto Star this morning, the Maple Leafs are virtually the same team as the Columbus Blue Jackets. Sports reporters Mark Zwolinski and Bob Mitchell did a “top to bottom” assessment of both teams and concluded that the Leafs “are on par with” the Blue Jackets.

I’m afraid it wasn’t an assessment well-grounded in the facts.

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Nation Radio - March 17, 2012

March 18 2012 11:09AM

After another glorious victory over the sinking Calgary Flames, there was little else to do Saturday but sit back and gloat. Oh, and talk about Oilers prospects, advanced analytics and...

This is Nation Radio.

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Beat 'em in the alley, and beat 'em on the ice

John Lofranco
March 17 2012 09:12PM

It’s not a good time to be a Leaf fan. The current situation really calls into question your reasons for being a fan, and for watching hockey. The way I see it, there are two ways to watch: macro and micro. What am I on about? Jump the jump to find out!

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