Update: Jake Gardiner no longer "not in a concussion state"

Cam Charron
December 12 2012 10:55AM

This isn't too surprising. The Toronto Marlies have upgraded Jake Gardiner's status to "concussion-like symptoms" although the way this is progressing, I have to wonder why they're avoiding the term "concussion" altogether.

From what I understand, Jake Gardiner took a hit from Kevin Porter in Saturday's game against the Lake Erie Monsters, scored a goal on the ensuing powerplay, and then sat out the third period. After the game, Dallas Eakins said Gardiner "wasn't in a concussion state" and held him out of Sunday's game for "precautionary" reasons.

So, yes, this is a huge blow to Toronto, both Maple Leafs and Marlies. I can't find a video of the hit, so if anybody comes across one, please get it over to me somehow.

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Depending on way dollars are counted, Leafs could be in trouble

Cam Charron
December 12 2012 10:29AM

If Brian Burke, a man who has never let himself get away with excessive spending, doesn't have a team that will be put into an advantageous position when the collective bargaining agreement is all settled, then what the heck is it we're doing here? 

By now I think we know some of the particulars of the owners' demands. We know that they want caps on expensive contracts, and for the players to take the hit in the transition to 50-50. (The first question you need to ask here is 'why do they need to do this?') Burke's Leafs stand according to Capgeek at just over $64.3M committed in 2013. 

The salary cap under the previous CBA was set at about $70.2M. The way it works is that a midpoint is calculated by totalling hockey-related revenues (or HRR) across all clubs, taking 57% (the players' share) and dividing that above the 30 teams to establish a midpoint. The salary cap was designed to be $8M above the midpoint, and the salary floor at $8M below.

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Top 10 KHL Goals, Saves and Hits of the Week

Steve Dangle
December 12 2012 08:28AM


Because how much b-roll of Gary Bettman walking in and out of a building can you possibly watch?

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Leafs Prospects Points Tracking

Gus Katsaros
December 11 2012 08:48AM

I thought I'd enhance Justin Fisher's prospect update from yesterday since I'm doing some tracking at a league-wide level.
With there being no end in the immediate future to rectify the NHL lockout, our thoughts fall into the pipeline. Here's a detailed look at the Leafs prospects throughout North American Hockey Leagues.

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Maple Leafs prospect may have been kicked off of Harvard's hockey team

Cam Charron
December 11 2012 06:52AM

Monday night, Joe Meloni of College Hockey News reported that four players have been removed from the roster of the Harvard Crimson, including Toronto Maple Leafs seventh rounder from 2011 Max Everson. This is likely due to a cheating scandal. There isn't any official word out of Harvard as to the exact nature of the infraction, but in the Harvard Crimson Monday morning, goaltender Raphael Girard was apparently quoted as saying "Some guys had to take a year absent. I won’t say any names, but like any other team, we might have some problems with the academic scandal."

So where will Everson end up? He's eligible for major junior as a 1993-born player, but it appears he'll spend a year with the Omaha Lancers of the USHL before returning to Harvard. Justin brought up that possibility last week, although noted that he found a single record of Everson's "defection".

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