Steve Dangle
October 19 2012 10:35PM



Remember when hockey was on the ice and actually played? I found some!

KHL action featuring a goal from Pavel Datsyuk that makes me rethink my entire existence, Ilya Kovalchuk is also nuts, Grabovski continues to put up numbers, and Yakupov's team falls. 

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Should the Leafs trade Bozak, Frattin, Gardiner and a 1st for Luongo?

Cam Charron
October 19 2012 09:48AM

Well, here we go. Roberto Luongo trade speculation has heated up again this week. I wrote a sarcastic post about James Reimer at UBC on Wednesday, but apparently this got people to actually start talking Luongo trade.

Damien Cox, who fills a role analogous to the middle segment of the human centipede, was able to "speculate" this morning enough to drop a fun tidbit: the Vancouver Canucks wanted Tyler Bozak, Matt Frattin, Jake Gardiner and a first round pick for Luongo at the draft.

Well, it's not really "speculation" when you come right out and say it:

At the draft, reports indicated Vancouver asked for centre Tyler Bozak, defenceman Jake Gardiner, a first round pick and winger Matt Frattin in exchange for the 33-year-old Luongo. The Leafs had no interest in paying that kind of price, largely because there is no significant market for the services of the veteran goaltender.

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Projecting Leafs Scoring

Robert Vollman
October 19 2012 08:40AM

The point projections you find in hockey magazines are based on the intuitive guesses of analysts who follow the teams closely, and can therefore occasionally be skewed by personal biases or wishful thinking.  That's why it's best to supplement (not replace) them with purely statistically-based projections.

For the third season in a row over at the Flamesnation sister site we're using the two most popular statistical projection systems, Tom Awad's VUKOTA and my own Snepsts67, to anchor our expectations.  The former is more established and has the advantage of also estimating games played while the latter defines lower and upper ranges, and finds good historical examples within.

For a spreadsheet with complete results and a bit more of an explanation head on over to Hockey Abstract.  Speaking of which, figuring out how a player is going to be used is the trickiest part of a projection, and that context can generally be found in the Player Usage Charts also available on that site, so have that handy too.

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The Outsiders: Marlies Forwards

Gus Katsaros
October 18 2012 09:18AM

As it stands, unless there is a significant change in personnel, it's not likely any candidate suddenly make the Leafs and steal a roster spot. That's not what this is about. This isn't about a player like Keith Aucoin who even Brian Burke mentioned during the broadcast he would see some time with the Leafs.

Perhaps these players peak in the American Hockey League, but with a little work and some refinement, these are the good replacement level forwards, with an outside chance to make the jump from Ricoh Coliseum to the Air Canada Centre.

Carter Ashton

Ended the season with a 15 game NHL debut, scoreless yet enthusiastic debut. He scored 20 goals at the time of the late season recall, scoring 11 in the first 13 games, and then 9 in the remaining 46. Injured in first round of the Calder Cup playoffs versus Rochester, he returned to face his old team Norfolk in the the Calder Cup Finals, scoring the Marlies series opening goal and adding another assist during 4-game sweep.

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KHL Update: Grabo Goal, More of Malkin, Unlucky Chara, and more

Steve Dangle
October 17 2012 06:18PM


Hey look! Actual hockey!

Here's today's KHL highlights, featuring Mikail Grabovski, Evgeni Malkin, Zdeno Chara, and more.

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