Is it time to break out the bags?

Jim Lang
January 11 2014 09:53AM

Friday night in Washington DC the Leafs lost their fourth straight game. While their "compete" level was a hell of a lot better than it was the night before in Carolina, they still lost.

In the four losses the Leafs have been outscored by a combined 21-7.

Which begs the question; how many more games do the Leafs have to lose until the fans breakout the "bag of shame".

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LGD - Game 46: Leafs @ Capitals - Searching for answers

Cam Charron
January 10 2014 02:17PM

Well, we're right back to where we started. The Leafs were passed by both Carolina and Washington a night ago, and now gets to play the second of those teams, with both Toronto and the Capitals on the back half of a back-to-back. It's one of those games you're pretty sure one team is just going to lay an awful effort on the ice. 

With the tight schedule right now, there aren't a lot of lineup points to parse over so I'll keep a short LGD today. All we can hope for is that Jake Gardiner returns to the Leafs lineup. Again, it's important to mention that while everybody knows the Leafs biggest issue is getting out-shot, Gardiner gets out-shot the least among regular defencemen.

But we can forgive Randy, I guess. After all, Gardiner is super skilled, which begs the question: does Jake Gardiner think he's better than us?

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LFR7 - Game 45 - Liles - Tor 1, Car 6

Steve Dangle
January 10 2014 01:26PM

John-Michael Liles scores, the Leafs scratch Jake Gardiner, and I lose my bout with insanity.

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - January 9, 2014 - Swear Words

Steve Dangle
January 09 2014 08:45PM


On this episode of the Panago Pizza Steve Dangle Podcast, which was recording during the Leafs' 6-1 loss to Carolina, the Leafs cause me to finally lose his long battle with insanity.

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Leafs postgame - I hate sports now, and the Maple Leafs are to blame

Cam Charron
January 09 2014 08:04PM


The good thing is that we've just passed one more mile marker on the long highway to Randy Carlyle's eventual firing. If an absurd and ineffective breakout strategy slash defensive zone strategy doesn't do it, the unreasonable double standard placed on skilled players should. I'm trying to quit Twitter, so I was able to miss those glorious five minutes of peace when everybody waltzed home, getting ready for a hockey game, and then realizing that Jake Gardiner would be a healthy scratch against the Carolina Hurricanes. 

In this economy, I hate to advocate for people losing their jobs. Believe me, I know how rough it is when you're out there and unqualified to do little more than complain about the Toronto Maple Leafs. I don't see how Carlyle has any qualification to do any more than that. It's not the breakout or the marginalization of skill players, but Carlyle is directly responsible for the misery afforded my three favourite (at one point) Leafs: Clarke MacArthur, Mikhail Grabovski, and James Reimer. The result is a boring team that loses often, and, even if they were to get past this atrociously weak Eastern Conference and climb back into a playoff spot (by the way, the Leafs no longer have a playoff spot), does anybody doubt that they don't have the horses to compete against Boston, Pittsburgh or Tampa Bay?

The final score against Carolina was 6-1. The last time I watched a Leafs game and wrote a recap, the score against the Leafs was 7-1. No, I didn't grow up a Leafs fan, but I empathize will all of you that want the Leafs to lose as big and often as possible just to speed the process up and get some housecleaning done. I hate hockey now. Over the last couple of months I have been re-thinking my curious devotion to sports, and bullshit product put on the ice by Dave Nonis and Carlyle is directly responsible.

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