Giants can't hit the net, lose to Morgan Rielly (and the Warriors)

Patrick Johnston
November 29 2012 02:16PM

Rielly: Came. Saw. Conquered.

"You are guaranteed to miss 100 per cent of the shots you don't take," Wayne Gretzky once said. The Vancouver Giants tested out the opposite of that theory on Wednesday night, having plenty of trouble hitting the net on the shots they did take in going down 2-1 to the Moose Jaw Warriors.

Despite being led by highly-touted Leafs prospect Morgan Rielly, the Warriors rode into town a midding team and a not-unreasonable target for the struggling Giants. Through two periods, though the Giants were being dominated in the shots-on-net count, it was a game for the taking. But then Rielly woke up, and the Giants couldn't find anything to match him.

It's a rebuilding year for the Giants and games like this have become par-for-the-course. How their collection of young players and older stop-gaps handle what is not going to be a long season will be a story in itself.

But for now, some stats and analysis of Wednesday's game. (After the jump!)

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So what's a billion dollars anyway?

Steve Dangle
November 28 2012 11:09PM


As it turns out, Forbes Magazine is reporting the Toronto Maple Leafs are worth one billion dollars. That is several dollars.

So how much is a billion anyway? Well, using advanced technology such as my phone and Google, I figured out just that. 

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KHL: Kovalchuk outdone, Slovan shutout, and Red Army rolls

Steve Dangle
November 28 2012 09:16PM


Hey look! Fans cheering for hockey. I remember that.

Here are today's KHL highlights. SOme pretty notable games are missing. For example, we didn't do packs for Yakupov's team Neftekhimik, Malkin's team Magnitogorsk, Lupul's team Avtomobilist, etc, etc. There was a technical issue, but we still managed to make highlight packs for five of the games. To make it up to you, we will be doing packs for the important games we missed tomorrow, in edition to tomorrow's Dynamo Moscow vs Dinamo Riga game.


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Joining the Rush: NHL Headlines...LOL just kidding

Steve Dangle
November 28 2012 08:44PM

Andrey and I go through the hottest NHL Headlines... Sort of.

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Leafs worth $1-billion, suggests Forbes Magazine

Cam Charron
November 28 2012 04:05PM

As you all know by now, the Toronto Maple Leafs are worth $1-billion according to Forbes Magazine, who released their annual National Hockey League team valuations earlier on Wednesday.

These numbers are good as ballpark figures, used by Graphic Comments this summer when looking through the "winners" and "losers" of the 2005 lockout, but the figures are just estimates. The NHL shouldn't expect to release financial data (why should they). However, the $1-billion is probably pretty close. Forbes evaluates the Toronto Raptors at $384M, and together with the Maple Leafs and the rest of MLSE were sold for $1.32-billion this summer for approximately 80% of the shares. The enterprise value was listed at $2-billion. Generally, things are worth what you can pay for them.

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