The Steve Dangle Podcast - January 2, 2014 - Best Of Part 2

Steve Dangle
January 02 2014 06:12PM


Bask once again in the awesomeness that has been the Steve Dangle Podcast. If you like hockey, strippers, and crazy parties, then you've come to the right place (sort of)!

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LFR7 - Game 42 - Win-ter Classic - Tor 3, Det 2 (S)

Steve Dangle
January 02 2014 12:06PM


The Leafs win on the biggest stage they've ever been on. I approve.

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Leafs postgame - Tyler Bozak: Master of the elements

Cam Charron
January 01 2014 03:50PM

Photo via @Jeffler

When James van Riemsdyk scored the 1-1 goal midway through the second period, a roar went up that had never quite been heard before at a hockey game. There were about 50 thousand Maple Leafs fans in attendance at Michigan Stadium, outdoors, untempered by obnoxious arena music or drowning goal horns.

Playing inside certainly has its benefits. The ice conditions are better, the sight lines are better, and games don't take nearly four hours to complete. Still, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the record-breaking crowd in attendance. Despite the snow and gimmickry, it's nice to have a game every once in a while that reminds us what sports are: a welcome distraction from daily life, full of absurdity, silly rules, and unfairness. 

Toronto won the game 3-2 in a shootout. Tyler Bozak, the most polarizing athlete in Toronto, got the winner. It was just one of those games, and it was awesome.

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Leafs trade John-Michael Liles for Tim Gleason

Cam Charron
January 01 2014 12:21PM

Dave Nonis just made the first trade of the New Year! It's neither a Big Blockbuster nor a Big Disaster, so no problem on this being made right in the middle of the Winter Classic. Toronto sent John-Michael Liles and prospect defenceman Dennis Robertson to the Carolina Hurricanes for Tim Gleason.

Gleason is a 31-year-old, left-shot defenceman, listed at 6'0" 217 pounds. Despite being a reliable shutdown man for the Hurricanes during his mid-to-late-20s, injuries have caught up with him and his mobility has been lacking. So far this season he's missed 22 games with various injuries.

It's a sideways move, aimed at getting two struggling defencemen a change of scenery. I'm not too upset.

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LGD - Game 42: Leafs @ Red Wings - Let's play outside

Cam Charron
January 01 2014 09:34AM

I grew up, and live in, Vancouver. 

For those of you unawares, Vancouver gets about two or three days of snow a year. We don't have outdoor rinks, or ponds that freeze over. Robson Square downtown has an underground rink that's an ideal spot for first dates, but there's no hockey played. Essentially, I grew up without getting to play hockey outside. 

That changed, somewhat, when I moved to Kamloops. Kamloops is a smallish city about four hours northeast of Vancouver. It's in a valley with very little vegetation and is extremely dry, so there's little rain in the summer or snow in the winter. That makes for an ideal hockey rink, as pictured above. There were a few ponds we'd play on for days between December and February, generally playing on weekends until we didn't feel like the ice was worth scraping any more. I think it's pretty cool the NHL decided to run a slew of outdoor games. There is, of course, no "heritage" to this. Pro hockey has always been an indoor affair but it's still a nice excuse to trot out faux retro jerseys and brown pads.

Anyway, the Maple Leafs will play their first outdoor game in their history against the Detroit Red Wings later today. A short preview ahead:

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