Will Cody Franson fill Luke Schenn's role?

Cam Charron
June 25 2012 09:26AM

One of the interesting questions left by the Luke Schenn trade is "well, who fills his roster spot?" At least for now, the Toronto Maple Leafs have one fewer NHL defenceman than they did heading into the weekend.

The first question to ask is "what was Luke Schenn's spot?" Schenn played a top-four role, but just barely. He beat out John-Michael Liles in total ice time this season, but just barely, and played 13 more games. In even strength ice time per game, Schenn was sixth on the Leafs, even behind Mike Komisarek, who was leaned upon for slightly tougher minutes in the games he did play.

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Leafs Nation Podcast: The JvR Edition

Leafs Nation Podcast
June 24 2012 05:55PM



With Danny Gray out of action this week, it was up to Eric T. (that's @BSH_EricT of Broad St. Hockey fame) and I to hash out how each side felt about their new players. I'm happy to say that Eric was unhappy with the deal - always a good sign. Sorry, Eric.

Follow me over the jump for a few tidbits on how James van Riemsdyk is able to drive the net, win shooting competitions, and play the point on the power play.

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More On The Schenn-JvR Deal

JP Nikota
June 24 2012 12:39PM


I have to confess that I've never been much of a Luke Schenn fan. It's perhaps true that if he had been drafted to a more patient team, I'd be telling a different story today, but whether or not the Leafs "rushed" him, I think mf37 is correct in making a connection to Luke Richardson, not Adam Foote.

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Nation Radio - June 23, 2012 Entry Draft Edition

June 24 2012 09:24AM



The 2012 Entry Draft was a wild one, with an unexpected run on defenders in the top-10, the Jordan Staal and Luke Schenn trades as well as Calgary making the biggest risk/reward pick in the first round. The Nation had no less than five people on the ground in Pittsburgh watching the action and rubbing elbows with scouts and GM's alike. Yesterday, all of them talked to Allan about their takes and experiences.

This is Nation Radio.

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James Van Riemsdyk traded to Leafs for Luke Schenn

Cam Charron
June 23 2012 03:23PM

The Luke Schenn re-vitalization project didn't get off the ground. Just as the assembled hockey media was ditching Pittsburgh for the weekend, Brian Burke took the time to make the biggest deal of the year so far, sending Schenn to Philadelphia in exchange for James Van Riemsdyk.

Courtesy Dreger:

This is a very interesting deal on many fronts, and one that both adds and removes an unfortunate contract for both the Leafs and the Flyers. Schenn's cap hit is $3.6M over the next four seasons, while Van Riemsdyk's is $4.25M over the next six. So a pretty large amount of dollars going back and forth.

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