Monday Mailbag: July 22nd

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
July 22 2013 12:40PM


I've been messing with the idea of a mailbag on my personal blog for the past week or two, and it's gone pretty well. But I started to notice that the bulk of the questions, perhaps unsurprisingly, were about the Leafs. So, with that considered, I'm bringing that component here! At least for now. Depending on feedback, this will become a weekly thing.

Given our loss of depth forwards (MacArthur, Frattin, Komarov), do you think injuries will be a big concern next season? Who are our primary call ups at each position?

This is a solid question. The reality is, the Leafs put themselves in a very questionable salary cap situation with the moves that they've made to start July, especially if RFA contract negotiations go as expected. Going in with the assumption of no trades offloading salary (and yes, even more "depth"), any call ups would have to be able to fill the role, have a low NHL cap hit, and be waiver exempt / unlikely to be claimed so they could be sent back down when the player they're replacing returns from injury.

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Know a Writer: Jesse Spector

Steve Dangle
July 21 2013 09:59AM

Since the first interview in the Know a Writer series was so well-recieved, how could I not do more?

Our next featured sports writer has recently made a transition to baseball, but has been one of my favourite hockey writers for a while now. As a weirdo with a YouTube channel, I am drawn to people who think outside of the traditional box. Jesse Spector is one of those fresh thinkers.

Now you can get to know him.

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - July 19, 2013 - Guess what? OLYMPICS!

Steve Dangle
July 20 2013 09:23AM


Oh hey look! It's beer!

On the new Steve Dangle Podcast, we talk about Olympic projections (and predictions), the new divisions, Christopher Gibson signing with Toronto, Mike Kostka signing with Chicago, and Adam interview Miley Cyrus. Like, for real.

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Maple Leafs sign Finnish goaltender Christopher Gibson

Cam Charron
July 19 2013 03:21PM

Per the Internet, which is always a wonderful source... 

A signing like this normally wouldn't warrant a post, but it's worth pointing out that in all the hemming and hawing about the Canadian Hockey League's ban on imported goaltenders, Christopher Gibson was actually the only import taken in the first two rounds of the draft in the last six years.

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The Schedule Is Out

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
July 19 2013 11:57AM

After several days of delays (something about a vacation to Russia got in the way), the NHL schedule has finally been released, obviously including the Toronto Maple Leafs. Now, instead of saying "Is it October yet?", Leafs fans can say "Is it October 1st yet?". Actually.. lets just stick with the original. Here's what you need to know: 

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