Boston, the Worst Sports City in America

The '67 Sound
September 27 2011 10:42AM



Leafs Nation responds to Grantland's Stephen Marche . By '67 Sound, concept courtesy Danny Gray.

Dateline: Boston, September 27, 2001. As another fruitless baseball season draws to a close, Hub fans, it's time to face the sad reality: Boston is the worst sports city in America.

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Jonathan Willis
September 26 2011 11:13PM

Two seasons into his Maple Leafs’ career, there continue to be plenty of misconceptions about the club’s top goal-scorer, Phil Kessel. It’s not always easy to find a succinct summary of these fallacies, but Mike Brophy, who will cover the Leafs for Sportsnet this season, does a great job of hitting all of the high points in a single paragraph.

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Can Gardiner follow in Kaberle's Foot-Steps?

Danny Gray
September 26 2011 01:49PM



The biggest story in this year’s training camp has been the performance of Jake Gardiner. Per Dave Shoalts, Gardiner’s play has given the Leafs brass a problem they haven’t encountered in recent pre-seasons, a prospect forcing his way onto the team. “As the days go by, Gardiner is taking the accompli out of fait accompli. The 21-year-old native of Deephaven, Minn., is the best defenceman at camp. This may require some more deliberation by the Leafs’ brain trust before the start of the regular season, but no one is complaining.” His performance mirrors that of Tomas Kaberle playing his way into the Leafs' starting line-up in the fall of 1998.

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What Should the Leafs Do With Jake Gardiner?

Jonathan Willis
September 26 2011 12:04PM

Regardless of team, regardless of year, there always seems to be one player that comes from well back of the pack and makes a serious charge at an NHL roster spot. For the 2011-12 Toronto Maple Leafs, that player appears to be highly-touted defenseman Jake Gardiner.

With Gardiner charging hard for a roster spot, what should the Maple Leafs do with him?

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Jason Gregor
September 26 2011 09:51AM


Most Canadians at some point in their lives have dreamt about being in the NHL. Whether it was through your own eyes, the eyes of a parent as you took your child to a 6 a.m. practice, or even as your infant sits on your lap while you watch Hockey Night in Canada, most of us have fantasized about being directly involved in the NHL.

Often we watch those who have accomplished the near-impossible dream and wish we had their life - millions of dollars, millions of fans and seemingly no real-life issues.
However, no amount of money and fame can protect you from the harsh realities of life.

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