September 24 2014 04:33PM

Please watch this video. If you want to know more read the article. If you want to start pre-emptively celebrating and never want to read another word we totally get it.

What an age to be alive!

*whistles loudly*

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How Willie Nylander Won Toronto's Heart

Jeff Veillette
September 24 2014 01:40PM

Yesterday was William Nylander's first preseason game as a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs. The eighteen year old forward, who I will now affectionately refer to as "Prettier Patrick Kane" had a ton of hype placed upon him, and delivered with a late-game goal. Over the course of the night, he captured the attention and the hearts of the collective fanbase. Let's look at some key moments.

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Leafs Roster Preview - The Phil

Bobby Cappuccino
September 24 2014 10:26AM

Point-per-game player. Great actor. Assistant coach. Confirmed sex symbol. Philip “The Phil” “The Thrill” Kessel is one of the most exciting players in the league. And he’s a Maple Leaf. For 8 more years.

We are blessed. Praise Be to The Phil.

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Leafs Postgame - Leafs shut out Flyers, Nylander sets world aflame

Ryan Fancey
September 23 2014 09:13PM

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Tonight was a lot of fun for a preseason game. It was the first chance for us to see William Nylander play in a Leafs uniform, and the hype leading up to the game was something else. I'm not sure if Rielly or Kadri had this much behind them in their first camps, but from the broadcast crew to the hockey twitter crowd, folks were definitely excited. 

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Jeffler on Macko & Cauz

Jeff Veillette
September 23 2014 10:22AM


Talking blanket scarves, Marlies, and Leafs preseason.

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