LFR: 2015 NHL Draft Recap

Steve Dangle
June 29 2015 12:59AM

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The NHL Entry Draft has come and gone and I'm not devastated and disappointed with what the Leafs did.


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Report: Roman Polak Garnering Trade Interest

Justin Fisher
June 28 2015 09:24PM

Phil Kessel and Dion Phaneuf might be the biggest trade chips the Maple Leafs have to offer, but according to the Globe and Mail's James Mirtle, there might be another Toronto blueliner that other teams could call on...

One veteran whose name is out there, however, is defenceman Roman Polak, who has one year remaining on a deal with a $2.75-million cap hit. After adding Marincin and re-signing Tim Erixon, T.J. Brennan and Petter Granberg, the Leafs have a lot of young defencemen to find minutes for, and Polak will be easy to move.

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The TLN 2015 Shadow Draft

Justin Fisher
June 28 2015 06:06PM

We're going to try something new today. A few weeks ago, we at TLN came across a 'Shadow Draft' done by the Battle Red Blog, SB Nation's Houston Texan's site. What's a Shadow Draft? Good question. From Battle Red...

If you're unfamiliar with the concept of a shadow draft, John Sickels popularized it at Minor League Ball. You pick at exactly the spots your team picks in the draft, and you aren't able to move down or up on your own.

In their version, there's some talk about other draft boards and team needs, which is a lot more relevant in the NFL when teams do consider need. The New England Patriots don't need a new star quarterback, y'know?

Anyway, these Shadow Draft exercises go on for long time, taking an annual look back on how the Shadow Team and its prospects stack up against the real-life team. So without further delay, here we go. It's the 2015 Shadow Draft, and the Shadow Leafs (cool name, right?) are on the clock...

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PCS Numbers for the Leafs' 2015 Draft Class

Shawn Reis
June 28 2015 08:51AM

The draft is over, but the dust hasn`t quite settled yet.  Before we forget about the 8 new Maple Leafs to turn our attention to the trade market and free agency, let`s take a closer look at the players the Leafs drafted this weekend using Prospect Cohort Success %, which uses age, height, production, and league to award players a percent chance of reaching 200 NHL games played.

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Everything Falls Into Place: The Toronto Maple Leafs' 2015 Draft

Justin Fisher
June 27 2015 06:40PM

Photo Credit: Steven Mitchell/USA TODAY Sports

If you're a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs, you might not really know how to feel about their 2015 Draft.

The Leafs' front office spent weeks outlining their goals for the weekend: acquire as many picks as they could, and draft as many high-end skill as possible. Toronto certainly accomplished the latter in the first round when they took Mitch Marner of the London Knights with the fourth overall pick, but it looked like the Maple Leafs lost their own plot as early as the second round when, after trading their second first-round pick twice, they went off the board with the 34th overall selection.

Did they correct the ship in the later rounds? Here's your full 2015 NHL Entry Draft run down...

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