TLN Mailbag: The Day After

Jeff Veillette
March 03 2015 05:59PM


We figured that there was no point in doing this mailbag before the clock hit zero yesterday, so instead, we let the dust settle a bit. Now that that's done, let's just jump straight into it! If you have a question for next week, leave it in the comments or tweet either myself or @TLNdc.

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Lawyers representing Phaneuf, Cuthbert and Lupul threaten to sue TSN over inflammatory tweet

Thomas Drance
March 03 2015 03:48PM

Joffrey Lupul, Dion Phaneuf, and Elisa Cuthbert have hired legal representation and are seeking 'significant damages' and a formal apology from TSN for a tweet that the sports network aired during their Trade Deadline coverage on Monday. Overall it was a tough day for TSN, really

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - Mar 3, 2015 - Tradez

Steve Dangle
March 03 2015 02:18PM


In this episode, we talk about the Trade Deadline, Leafs, how screwed the Oilers are, and tweets on TV.

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LGD: Tankin' Away In Margaritaville

Jon Steitzer
March 03 2015 01:00PM

You mean the season didn’t end at the trade deadline? There are still 19 games to play? There’s one tonight?

You know the drill, it’s a Tuesday night game against Florida so you can rest easy Tank Nation, the loss should be automatic.

The Tim Erixon era will be starting tonight, but it looks like Eric Brewer and Joakim Lindstrom as of now have gone unclaimed on the baggage carousel and won’t be in the lineup until Thursday. So sit back, relax, and wonder how the NHL managed to schedule a 10 game night with only one compelling matchup that isn’t even on until this game is over.

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Leafs Deadline Postgame: They Finally Won Something

Jeff Veillette
March 03 2015 12:01PM

Yesterday was a day where the Leafs weren't playing any hockey games, but they were still competing against other hockey teams, in a race to see who could make the least stupid panic move most intelligent final adjustments to their roster. After about seventeen hours, silence was finally confirmed, as the Leafs completed two trades.

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