Leafs Nation Hockey-Sense

Danny Gray
February 07 2012 11:55AM


This would keep Dion Phaneuf busy until August. 

Allow me to introduce the Leafs Nation Hockey-Sense.

Every so often I'll post a series of numbers. Your job is to figure out which number is next the in sequence. Sometimes they'll be Leafs specific, sometimes they wont.

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Too Many Men On The Payroll

Pension Plan Puppets
February 07 2012 08:33AM

Editor's Note: This is an entry in our search for Fresh Blood at TLN. Every possible contributor will get three posts to strut their stuff and then we'll ask you readers to help us choose who is going to join.  

By: Matt Stephen @mattystephen

As the February 27th trade deadline approaches and next to nothing has happened, and looks like very little will happen, we should take some time to step into a blue and white time machine and go to trade deadlines past.

In the Burke era, trade deadline has been kind to the Leafs and their fans, but as pundits grasp at straws for trades sending Grabovski to Nashville, purporting Schenn's healthy scratch as a sign he's been shipped and Kadri as the go-to trade bait, they all seem a little far-fetched. Then again, ask me today would I trade Matt Stajan and Niklas ‘cleared waivers' Hagman for now-captain Dion Phaneuf and defensive partner Keith Aulie, the answer is obvious. Or, not to outdo himself, trading Francois Beauchemin for now-All-Star Joffrey Lupul and second in rookie points for defenseman Jake Gardiner.

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Grabovski Make Much Glorious Goal

Pension Plan Puppets
February 06 2012 09:33PM

Tonight the Toronto Maple Leafs handed the Edmonton Oilers a harsh reminder that for all of the impressive young players they have up front they might want to consider hiring some NHLers to play defence before they completely waste all of the kids' entry level contracts. Chief among the educators was Mikhail Grabovski who would have exemplified "a man among boys" if the Oilers' defence wasn't made up of guys around my age.

The other thing holding back the Oilers? The coaching staff. The writers at Copper And Blue can give you a clear rundown of their shortcomings but even with Tom Renney out they still managed to mess up the matchups. Or at least I assume so because when the Grabovski-Kulemin-MacArthur line is on the ice you generally do not want the stiffs that they sent out facing them.

After the jump, a breakdown with pictures

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The Leafs Nation Podcast Part Deux

February 06 2012 03:15PM


Hey all, Danny Gray (or Granny Day) and I are back again this week, this time with fellow Leafs Nation (and fellow Pension Plan Puppeteer) Julian Sanchez, a.k.a. PPP. This time around, we attempted to record while watching the Leafs' game at the same time, a feat which will never again be attempted. As the Leafs trounced the Ottawa Senators 5-0 in this one, it meant I had a lot of extra editing to do, removing all the "WOOO!"

In any event, we've got a fun lineup of topics ready for your consideration, consumption, and cross-examination.

LN Podcast Part Deux

1. Scoreboard watching
Interlude: One Great City! by The Weakerthans

2. Trade deadline/PLAYOFFS/Mikhail Grabovski
Interlude: Remote Control by The Age of Electric

3. The Monster vs. Reimer
Interlude: Sweet Sixteen by Think About Life

4. Second-half stories
Interlude: Right On by The Roots (feat. Joanna Newsom)

5. That awesome beer commercial - you know the one
Outro: Es-So by tUnE yArDs 

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Anthony Stewart, Andrew Murray and Zach Hamill on Waivers Today

Jonathan Willis
February 06 2012 11:27AM

As per Bob McKenzie, a trio of players with NHL experience are on the waiver wire today. Are any of them particularly interesting?

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