First Star, Worst Star: January 25th, 2015

January 25 2015 02:08PM


First Star. Worst Star. All-Star. All-Star Weekend. It's the All-Star Weekend Edition of First Star, Worst Star! 

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Marlies Lose Home Return To Hamilton

Jeff Veillette
January 24 2015 04:53PM


For the first time in a couple of years, Ricoh Coliseum's press box was completely full. It can get crowded, but rarely do you see a complete lack of empty seats. It's no secret as to why, though; William Nylander was making his home debut for the Toronto Marlies. He didn't turn heads last night (nobody up front did; it was a 3-0 loss, aver tall), but this was a chance to show off in front of his new audience. Unfortunately, it still wasn't the result that he or his teammates wanted, as the Marlies lost 4-3 in overtime.

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Peter Horachek is Sharing the Love

Shawn Reis
January 24 2015 10:07AM

Peter Horachek is 8 games into his 42-game tryout.  Things aren't going so well record-wise, but there is reason for optimism. It's still far too early into the Horachek era to look at things with a sense of definition, but we are far enough into his tenure as interim head coach to start pointing the microscope in his direction.  Well the all-star break is here and the Leafs are off until next week.  With nothing else to pass the time, let's take our first look at how he is utilizing his players.

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Breaking: Stamkos Chooses Own Happiness Over Playing In His Hometown

Jon Steitzer
January 23 2015 02:03PM

At 1:33 PM on Friday, January 23, 2015 the dream of Steven Stamkos playing for the Leafs officially died and Pierre LeBrun killed it.

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O'Reilly Watch is officially on

Ryan Fancey
January 23 2015 09:44AM

In the past few days, what seems like a two-year buildup of a potential Ryan O'Reilly trade has really started to reach a new level. You know things are getting serious when Bob McKenzie writes up 2000-plus words on the subject.

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