October 22 2011 06:08PM


What a magnificent day in Edmonton. The sun is shining, the Oilers play the Rangers this evening and oh what's that? It's Jason Gregor's birthday. We can't imagine how old he is, but short of cutting him in half and counting his rings we will estimate that today marks the start of his 52nd year on Earth. Happy Birthday!

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Setting the Stage: Leafs vs. Habs

Danny Gray
October 22 2011 10:56AM


Oh baby.  There is just something about a Leafs/Habs game. This is the 710th meeting between these storied franchises. Historically the Habs hold a better record against the Leafs, but they have failed to win a season series against the Leafs in a long while. The Leafs had their most consistent effort of the season against Montreal on opening night. Let’s hope they can take advantage of an injury riddled team that has stumbled to a 1-4-1 record that sees them at the bottom of the Northeast Division standings.

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The Buds and The Bears Shift by Shift

Danny Gray
October 21 2011 10:39AM


                             It's like a freakin' country-bear jamboroo around here- Jonas Gustavsson


The Leafs first loss of the regular season was a spectacular one.

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JP Nikota
October 20 2011 08:13PM

Jonas Gustavsson has allowed 17 goals in his last three starts. If he wants to remain an NHL goaltender for much longer, he seems to be confused about how to go about doing that. There were several goals scored tonight that would be unfair to blame on him, but that fifth goal was absolutely brutal, and that's one bad goal too many for a guy fighting to remain in the league.

To say that goaltending was the difference tonight would be disingenuous to say the least, but the disparity in talent between the pipes sure didn't help, either.

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Dear Leafs Fans: It Isn’t Your Fault

Jonathan Willis
October 20 2011 03:49PM

It is a story we have all heard before: the Toronto Maple Leafs have been a bad team for a long time because they know that no matter what they do, they’ll sell out every game and make a ludicrous amount of money.

The enduring popularity of the story is easy to understand. As fun as it is to berate Leafs fans for the failures of their team, isn’t it more fun to blame them? It’s not just their problem, it’s their fault that way.

There is a problem with the argument: it is largely without merit.

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