Other things the Star compared last night's Leafs loss to

Cam Charron
February 01 2012 02:02PM

It's almost too easy that a Star article that needs perspective brings up a guy called "Fisk".

The Toronto Maple Leafs dropped an absolute heartbreaker in Pittsburgh last night. I'm not too interested in re-hashing it, and despite Toronto blowing a 4-1 third period lead, they managed a point out of a road game against one of the best teams in the East, and are still well in the playoff race.

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Introducing: The Mario Lemieux Hat-Trick

Danny Gray
February 01 2012 08:39AM


Sweet, sweet nostalgia.

Hockey is a team sport in almost every way. There are really only two individual accolades a player can accomplish in a given game: scoring a hat-trick or getting a shutout. While impressive, these feats are common enough that they are never the lead story on Sportscentre, or front page news. I realized that there are no hockey equivalents of a no-hitter and a perfect game, or hitting for the cycle. So I decided to create one.

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Don Cherry's bizarre feud with Brian Burke

Cam Charron
January 31 2012 01:54PM

Don Cherry has never taken issue with being the centre of attention. With his weekly appearance on CBC's Hockey Night in Canada's first intermission segment, Cherry takes to his soapbox to discuss his own personal appearances, vendettas and politics in front of a large national audience forgoing any quality analysis from the first two periods.

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Four Keys of the Home Stretch

Danny Gray
January 31 2012 12:09PM


That sure is a nice scoreboard. 

There are 32 games left in the Leafs’ season. They sit 9th in the Eastern Conference, tied with the New Jersey Devils and Florida Panthers at 55 points. (Though the Leafs have more Regulation and Overtime wins than both teams so if they had all played equal games and remained tied, they’d be in) In order for the Leafs to make the playoffs they are going to need to win more games than they lose. Shocking stuff I know. If they are going to do that, they need the following four things.


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Marlies Weekly Update - January 23-31

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
January 31 2012 01:14AM

Editor's Note: This is Jeff's first post for The Leafs Nation. He will be helping us keep on top of the AHL's Toronto Marlies and the Leafs' prospects. Each week he will give us a recap of the week that was and preview the week to come. Following him on Twitter ( @Jeffler ) and read more on the Marlies' day-to-day at MarliesHQ .

This is more of an eight day update than a full week update, but this is a week that included the only hockey event more yawn-inducing and player-rejecting than the NHL All Star Game - the AHL All Star Game.

The Toronto Marlies had a pair of opportunities this week, one rare, one common, that both tied together. The rare opportunity? Rest and relaxation. After all, while three games in three nights seems like a big deal, it's pretty common in the American Hockey League, and in this situation, the Marlies had a whopping 1 game played in 11 days, and it was a 7-2 win against one of the three teams. The common occurance? Of course, that would be an attempt to push forward in the North Division. Now, I can't understate just how frequent these inter-division games are. Out of 76 games in the season, Toronto plays an absurd 42 within the division. All three games would fit the pattern, with Lake Erie, Hamilton, and Rochester being the opponents. However, rather than convert the lack of play into extra energy and widen the gap in the standings, the weekend went a much different way.

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