The Buffalo Sabres are spending a lot of money

Cam Charron
September 17 2011 09:21AM



Terry Pegula came to Buffalo, bringing along money and a vested ownership interest in seeing the local hockey team win. The issue here is whether the Sabres are spending it in the right places.

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James Reimer's Rookie Season Comparables

Pension Plan Puppets
September 15 2011 11:10PM


Previously, Chemmy took a look at Nazem Kadri's rookie season and came up with a list of comparables that put his season in a better light. His comparables certainly offered some optimism about Kadri's future in the NHL. This season, he'll have the opportunity to make a big impact on the Leafs' future.

But what about James Reimer?

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What's Luke Schenn Worth?

September 14 2011 04:54PM

Luke Schenn needs a new contract and this late in the game it's incredibly unlikely he won't be a Toronto Maple Leaf at the start of training camp. He's a guy that Brian Burke loves: he hits, he fights, he blocks shots and he's apparently a good kid in the locker room if you're into that sort of thing.

What odd is that the rumors swirling around have Luke Schenn earning almost $4M per season and that seems pretty high given Schenn's skillset. Defensive defensemen are generally fairly underrated. Mike Komisarek got $4.5M to be a big shutdown guy in Toronto (ignore that he actually sucks, he was a premiere free agent). Francois Beauchemin got $3.8M to be a shutdown guy. Anton Volchenkov got $4.25M in free agency. All of those guys were unrestricted free agents and while I understand paying for potential the reality is you need to put the squeeze on your RFAs.

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NHLers Oppose Mandatory Helmet Rule

Danny Gray
September 14 2011 01:51PM

It's a good thing they put his name at the bottom otherwise he'd be unrecognizable 

I think after public speaking and death the most common fear is change. Generally speaking people like things the way they are. If it's not broke, don't fix it. The NHL has had a tempestuous history with changes to the game over the years, especially in matters of player safety. 

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Luke Schenn Rumored Deal worth $11-12 over 3 years

Kent Wilson
September 14 2011 01:28PM



Rumors of a purported deal with RFA Luke Schenn are swirling today. Suggested numbers put the deal between $3-4M per year.

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