Say hello to the new guy.

Jim Lang
December 11 2013 11:26AM

After Steve Dangle and Cam Charron threatened to treat me like the Undertaker treated Mankind in their infamous 1998 "Hell in a Cell" match I have accepted their offer to be a part of the Leafs Nation team.

I am actually quite excited to be part of the Leafs Nation team. This is a website featuring some solid young talent and all the writers share a common bond; they are passionate about the Leafs and hockey.

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How Bad Is The Bleeding?

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
December 11 2013 11:02AM


Dion Phaneuf's two game suspension has only added gasoline to a raging fire. That fire, of course, is the debate over just how bad the Leafs shot woes are. As we've all heard about a thousand times, Toronto is close to taking the fewest shots per game in the league, give up the most by a good chunk, and have one of the worst differentials in recorded NHL history. Some will yell "shot quality" and dismiss this as no big deal. Some will pull out a heap of advanced stastics and show that there is no good precedent for results like these. 

I'm going to keep this short and sweet, and we won't get fancy with our stats. This is how bad the Leafs are at allowing shots.

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - December 10, 2013 - ...

Steve Dangle
December 10 2013 09:22PM


On this episode, Chris and Steve get into a sleep-deprived fight while Adam plays ish-disturber. And hockey probably.

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Dion Phaneuf suspended 2 games

Steve Dangle
December 10 2013 10:23AM


The Leafs are playing two of the NHL's top seven teams over the next three games, and Dion Phaneuf will not play in two of them.

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LFR7 - Game 31 - Bruintality - Bos 5, Tor 2

Steve Dangle
December 09 2013 05:10PM


Brace yourselves. Deathcember is coming.

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