Maple Leafs Trade Deadline 2015: Remembering Obscure Trade Deadline-Acquired Leafs

Adam Laskaris
February 28 2015 07:00AM

If there's a player on the Leafs right now who seems out of place, it's got to be Olli Jokinen. The 4-time 30 goal scorer looks clearly past his prime these days, but at 36, that tends to happen. Though not technically a trade deadline acquistion, Jokinen's story is similar to that of many previously acquired Leafs who were on the team for very, very short periods of time despite solid careers with other NHL teams.

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Marlies recover from trailing 3-0, win in OT

Jeff Veillette
February 27 2015 07:46PM


It looks like just about everybody in the hockey world wants TJ Brennan, including the Rochester Americans and the referees. Fortunately for the Toronto Marlies, they called dibs on him yesterday in the trade that sent Spencer Abbott to the Chicago Blackhawks. Today was his return to the blue and white, and he immediately made an impact in a 4-3 come from behind win over the Rochester Americans.

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Nonis keeps head above water.... for now

February 27 2015 05:40PM


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Why The Leafs Should Pursue Alexander Semin

Jeff Veillette
February 27 2015 03:54PM

Every year, a bunch of higher-profile trades happen well before the Trade Deadline, and everybody throws their arms up in the air, upset that all the joy has been sucked out of their favourite day. WIth that, every year, a couple of players hit the market out of nowhere and re-inject some life back into it, continuing the panicked tradition we've all come to know and love.

Today, word leaked out that Alexander Semin is unofficially on the market. Coincidentally, I'm starting to think that going after him might not be the worst idea in the world.

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Leafs, Marlies, Bears shuffle the deck chairs

Jeff Veillette
February 27 2015 12:29PM


The Toronto Maple Leafs organization have done a bunch of shuffling today, sending guys, up, down, sideways, and completely out of the picture. Nothing major, but let's break it all down.

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