Upcoming Leafs Milestones

Danny Gray
September 14 2012 06:21AM

If and when the season begins there are a few Leafs players who are set to achieve some personal and team milestones. Since we’re not exactly sure what the next few months will hold this will give us something positive to look forward to once the season starts up again. Most of these predictions assume an 82 game season which at this point is unlikely but whatever.

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Jake Gardiner, a goals against retrospective, Part III

Cam Charron
September 13 2012 06:18PM

Jake Gardiner was on the ice for 62 even strength goals against last season, and Lord help us if we don't go through each and every one to try and pin the blame on somebody else.

Eight goals to look at, today. We are not, as I expected at the outset, watching plays and noting a Staplesean mis-step by a single player that leads to a goal. What we are watching is the capsizing of five Toronto Maple Leafs in this train wreck of a defensive system. Through Part I and Part II, we have noted two goals against that were the direct result of Jake Gardiner's play.

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Nobody wants Joffrey Lupul

Cam Charron
September 13 2012 12:13PM

Here's a fun little story about how Joffrey Lupul wants to go play in Europe in case of an NHL lockout. Fair enough. Lupul is a likable enough guy, suggesting that both sides "might want to apologize", referring to the players and owners, for the dispute that will shut down training camp openings next week.

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Leafs Assists Breakdown

Gus Katsaros
September 13 2012 11:01AM

Expanding on the Goals Breakdown by Period post, I’m presenting a breakdown of some of the more prominent Leafs points producers based on their assist breakdown by player.

The tables are broken down as a player listed in the header as the main player being analyzed. Each assist is differentiated between a first and second. I don’t feel that makes a difference to who ‘set up’ the goal, since order is determined at random at times it seems. Nonetheless, assists are broken down between first and second.

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Brandon Convery On The Pressures Of Being A High Draft Pick - For The Leafs

JP Nikota
September 13 2012 08:33AM

Brandon Convery's story is one that many other former NHL draft picks share. After being a high, first-round selection (8th overall for the Leafs in 1992), his career never quite hit high gear at the highest level of competition. Of course, there is no single explanation as to why, but for Convery, it's clear that media pressure had something to do with it. 

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