The return of William Nylander

January 12 2015 09:02AM


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Leafs Mid-Season Report Card

Dom Luszczyszyn
January 12 2015 07:00AM

report card january 2015

The Leafs have played 41 games OK fine, 42 games this season... (this post is a bit late because every TLN staff member is still hungover from Tuesday) which means we're at the midway point of the season. That makes a perfect time to evaluate how the Leafs have performed so far this season.

To do that, we compiled some regular stats and some fancy stats, and then sent it away to the newest member of The Leafs Nation family, Justine Collard (who you can follow on the Twitters at @justinetalk) to make the infographic you see above.

We graded the Leafs in three fairly obvious categories: Offence, Defence, and Goaltending. Using their league rank in various metrics, we gave them a letter grade for each category. Simple enough, right?

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William Nylander Assigned to Marlies

Jeff Veillette
January 12 2015 06:18AM

The top prospect of the Toronto Maple Leafs is coming home. Okay, technically, he's leaving home to come to Toronto, but the main point is that William Nylander has packed his bags and is now preparing to wear the Blue and White once again. The only question is, which logo will be on that jersey?

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Marlies Blank Rampage In San Antonio

Jeff Veillette
January 11 2015 06:10PM


I you to take a minute to absorb this photo. This is a game in San Antonio, Texas. Against a team from Toronto, affiliate of a team from Toronto. The San Antonio Rampage are the affiliate of the Florida Panthers. Yet here we are, looking at their biggest fan; a screaming dude in a Los Angeles Kings jersey.

I don't understand it either. What I do understand is the sixty minutes of hockey that was played, which culminated in a 3-0 win for the Toronto Marlies.

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Marlies Open Road Trip With Victory

Jeff Veillette
January 10 2015 09:05PM


The Texas Stars are typically trouble for the Toronto Marlies. Texas dominated them in last year's (close by the wins column) Western Conference Finals, and leading into tonight, were up 2-0 in the season series. But Toronto was keen to show that past performances were not going to affect the present, and skated away with a 4-3 victory to open their road trip.

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