Thomas Drance's NHL Awards Ballot

Thomas Drance
June 24 2015 08:00PM

Photo Credit: Jake Roth/USA TODAY Sports

This was my first hockey season as a member of the PHWA, and I had the mixed blessing of casting an NHL Awards ballot. It was an honour, but it was also a heavy burden.

After years of slamming NHL awards voters for this, that and the other thing, actually having a ballot this season changed my perspective. I agonized for weeks over my selections, researched deserving candidates for each award heavily, re-streamed game video, and talked to a variety of industry people whom I trust before allowing my vote to be tallied. 

Some of these decisions were decided by a wafer thin margin. I'd wake up one day thinking that Erik Karlsson was my pick for the Norris, and I'd go to sleep that night thinking that 'really, P.K. Subban was the most valuable two-way defender in hockey this season.' Then I cast my first place Norris vote for neither player.

Anyway, in the interest of transparency and because these sorts of hockey conversations are pertinent and fun, I'd like to present my 2014-15 NHL Awards ballot for your scrutiny, consideration and entertainment. 

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Movers And Shakers - Leafs Set Price on Bozak

Justin Fisher
June 24 2015 04:15PM

Photo Credit: John E. Sokolowski/USA TODAY Sports

Is everyone's favourite first line centre on his way out of town?

This is a very, very interesting tweet on several levels. For one, apparently Toronto's front office has taken enough time away from the Phil Kessel/Dion Phaneuf trade efforts to actually set a price on Tyler Bozak. Also, I'm a little surprised that it's only a second round pick. Lastly, someone out there has to have a need for centre depth and a spare pick lying around, no?

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Movers And Shakers - San Jose a fit for Phaneuf?

Bobby Cappuccino
June 24 2015 02:18PM

Photo Credit: Aaron Doster/USA TODAY Sports

It's well known that Dion Phaneuf is one of the players that the Leafs would like to trade this offseason, even though Mike Babcock is a "fan" of him. After the Red Wings suddenly became uninterested in Phaneuf, potential suitors have been a little harder to identify. But in a recent James Mirtle piece, he believes that the San Jose Sharks could be a fit:

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TLN's Full 2015 Leafs Draft Kit

Ryan Fancey
June 24 2015 10:58AM

It's been an exciting couple months at TLN since the season ended, with lots of material to discuss regarding the Leafs' front office clean-out, major trade rumors, and perhaps most importantly, the draft. In the last few weeks particularly, we've put together plenty of articles and rundowns covering the options for the team at fourth overall and twenty-fourth overall, and presented in-depth looks at the numbers for prospects drafted out of the different junior leagues - not just in Canada but worldwide. 

On top of all that we've used our research to compile our very own prospect ranking (which we feel is among the best out there) and completed a mock draft. But perhaps the main thing is we've covered everything in between: The Strome versus Marner debate, who the Leafs could be targeting, trade-up or trade-down scenarios, and more. 

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Why Player Age May Shape the Maple Leafs' approach to the 2015 NHL Draft

Thomas Drance
June 24 2015 09:00AM

Photo Courtesy: LeafsTV

During Brendan Shanahan's first time at the Toronto Maple Leafs' draft table as team president last year, the club selected a pair of elder prospects in 19-year-old defenseman Rinat Vailev and 19-year-old forward Nolan Vesey, who is now playing for the University of Maine. 

When Shanahan hits the draft floor for his second go-around as Maple Leafs president this weekend, he'll have his own people in place. How much that could impact the Maple Leafs' behaviour is anyone's guess, but I'd bet heavily against the Maple Leafs selecting multiple second-time draft eligible players this time around.

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