WWYDW - Makeover!!!

Justin Fisher
April 01 2015 01:00PM

Nobody likes the Toronto Maple Leafs. Stephen Brunt called them the least likeable team in hockey, fans aren't showing up to the games anymore, and even the players are beating up on other players.

And if cute movies about love and self-worth have taught me anything, it's that the Leafs are in desperate need of a makeover. They'll never impress anybody by simply being themselves, so something's gotta change!

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LGD: We Dare You to Watch

Jon Steitzer
April 01 2015 11:00AM


The dead horse has been beaten on how there are probably a million better things to do than watch the Leafs play hockey. It seems like those takes shouldn't have wasted before they faceoff against the Sabres with five games left. At this point we're likely to not see any movement in the bottom five teams, no one is catching Buffalo for dead last, so if you're watching you're tuning in hoping for signs of players developing or you want to maximize the time you have left with Phil Kessel wearing a Leafs jersey.

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EXCLUSIVE: Toronto Maple Leafs to sign Alexander Radulov later this month

Jeff Veillette
March 31 2015 10:00PM


The dust has just barely settled on a very rare two-game winning streak for the Toronto Maple Leafs, but as it turns out, the team is already working on next year's roster. Specifically, a deal is in place to send one of the sport's greatest villains back to the National Hockey League.

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Leafs Postgame - How You Like 'Em Now?

Justin Fisher
March 31 2015 08:47PM

Well, that was unexpected.

The Toronto Maple Leafs continued their winning ways this evening, downing the Tampa Bay Lightning by a score of 3-1. Their second win in a row, the Leafs played pretty well for being the least likeable group of athletes that Sportsnet's Stephen Brunt has ever been around.

Man, I don't know about all that nonsense. For one, teams are always more likeable when they're winning hockey games. There's certainly some players I could do without, but what fan out there actually likes every single roster piece on their favourite team? 

When it comes to the Leafs, there's actually more pieces I like than dislike. Phil Kessel, Morgan Rielly, Nazem Kadri, Jake Gardiner, James van Riemsdyk and both goaltenders. I like them all. 

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GIF: Morgan Rielly beats Lightning's Vasilevskiy with clinical wrist shot

Thomas Drance
March 31 2015 07:42PM

Photo Credit: Tom Szczerbowski/USA TODAY Sports

Even in the midst of a thoroughly depressing Toronto Maple Leafs season, a sublime talent like Morgan Rielly can score a goal lovely enough to make even the most hardened, cynical Leafs fan smile.

Early in the third period of Tuesday night's Maple Leafs game against the Tampa Bay Lightning, Rielly took a-cross seam pass from Nazem Kadri, out-waited Andrey Vasilevskiy with the patience of Job, and beat the young Russian-born netminder with a perfectly placed wrist shot.

Click past the jump to see the highlight.

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