Leafs acquire Jon Bernier - Our initial reaction

Cam Charron
June 23 2013 12:58PM

Ultimately, the players that the Toronto Maple Leafs gave up in the Jonathan Bernier deal weren't extremely valuable, but they're still likeable players that we'll miss so we'll have some individual breakdowns on their best moments throughout the week.

What Toronto did give up in the trade was mostly opportunity cost. James Reimer has been the starter of the Toronto Maple Leafs for three half seasons. In two of them, he had all-star calibre numbers and in the other one, he was concussed. The trade does two immediate things for Toronto, the first being that the departure of Matt Frattin means that Colton Orr will get more ice time, and the second being that Reimer will get fewer starts with Bernier in the system. The Leafs wouldn't have traded three pieces for a backup goaltender, so you have to think that there's a plan to run a tandem goaltender system.

Read on.

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BREAKING: Leafs acquire Jonathan Bernier from the Kings

Cam Charron
June 23 2013 11:00AM

Well, there you have it.

For the first time since the Ed Belfour era, the Toronto Maple Leafs didn't need a goaltender. Then they traded three assets for a man who is most likely to be the team's backup.

We'll have a little more on this later, but the initial prognosis is that that's a fairly underwhelming return for the Kings. We all know about Ben Scrivens (and we will miss him, he's probably the smartest NHLer in the game) but Matt Frattin isn't a player you can conceivably expect to play in your Top Six. He's a good bottom-end player with good forechecking ability and speed, but his finish and defensive game isn't necessarily there.

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Report: Toronto Maple Leafs in on Jonathan Bernier

Cam Charron
June 21 2013 03:11PM

There are now three separate media outlets and humans reporting that the Toronto Maple Leafs have more than a casual interest in the Los Angeles Kings' backup goaltender Jonathan Bernier.

Bernier is the same age as James Reimer, as half as much NHL experience and not as high of a save percentage in that brief span. If the Maple Leafs were to be making a deal for Bernier, they would be paying purely for potential because there just isn't enough evidence on the surface showing that Bernier has what it takes to be a capable starter in the NHL.

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June 21 2013 11:53AM


Terrible times today for our neighbours down the QEII highway as 100,000 people in 26 communities have been evacuated from their homes due to flooding by recent heavy rains.

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - June 21, 2013 "Don't Beat It Too Hard"

Steve Dangle
June 20 2013 11:51PM


On this episode, Sarah Connors phones in to talk about the Bruins' loss in Game 4, Adam and Steve talk Leafs (obvi), ans Steve challenges North Korea in a bid for a KHL team.

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