Leaf Tales and Hot Takes of the Future

Steve Dangle
August 06 2014 11:12AM

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Hey did anyone hear if there’s been any hockey news while I’ve been out of town?

As we all know, hockey is virtually void of an offseason. The Stanley Cup Final goes into late June, followed quickly by awards, the Draft, and the carnival that is the kickoff to free agency. Sometimes there’s a bit of a lull after a week or two but this time, in Leaf Land anyway, there was a big kaboom. Multiple signings, two executives fired, and a new cunning Assistant GM who probably still gets ID’d at the bar.

If there’s no offseason then that means that the new season is right around the corner. Don’t roll your eyes and say “it’s August.” You’ll blink and it will be training camp. So let’s get ready for the season, shall we? 

Every season brings a new and exciting set of storylines and hot takes. This will be my eighth year "covering" the Leafs and I’m 26 so this will also be my 26th year of fandom. I think I’ve been watching this team long enough that I can predict what some of the headlines might be this upcoming season so I’m going to give it a shot.

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Marlies Hire Ben Simon

Jeff Veillette
August 05 2014 11:37AM

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With Gord Dineen being promoted to head coach and Derek King becoming an associate, the Toronto Marlies needed a third man to stand behind the bench. Today, they've announced that they've found that man, hiring Ben Simon.

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Young, puck-moving defencemen gettin' paid!

Cam Charron
August 04 2014 11:45PM

The NFL season is due to start soon, which is a good thing considering my manager at work* changed me from the Sunday weekend shift to the Saturday, meaning I get Sundays off.

That doesn't seem like an appropriate header for a hockey post, but all these posts wind up having a point a little further down. Please continue reading this blog post, and if you don't enjoy it, I'll refund you all the money you spent purchasing access to this website.

* - Please change my Internet nickname from "Known Girlfriend-Haver" to "Known Job-Haver"

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The Year Is 2014

Jeff Veillette
August 04 2014 10:45AM


This isn't my usual type of post by any means, and I ultimately can't tell someone how to run their own website, but I feel like an outlet with a lot of reach and viewership should probably be called out if people are oblivious to a serious issue involving them. So today, let's talk about HFBoards and link bias.

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Good Toronto Boys (Thumbs Up!)

Dom Luszczyszyn
August 04 2014 09:30AM


It’s August. With PK Subban finally signing a monster eight year deal with the Habs, hockey news has become scarce. 

It’s surprising that it took the Canadiens that long to figure it out with their franchise player, and for a while it looked like the two sides were miles apart. 

What was more surprising to me was that Subban signed for eight years. 

Why is that surprising? It’s because Subban is from Toronto and everyone knows that every kid from Toronto only dreams of playing for the Leafs.

He was slated to be a UFA in 2016 along with superstar centre Steven Stamkos. The two grew up in the GTA and even played on the same team for some time (pictured above). 

They could’ve done it again, playing for their hometown team, the team they grew up with. It would’ve been glorious.

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