Sober second thoughts: Jonathan Bernier a gamble Leafs didn't need to make

Cam Charron
June 24 2013 11:30AM

There are still a lot more moves for the Toronto Maple Leafs this summer, but I'm wondering if any will be met with the polarized reaction of the Jonathan Bernier trade. My initial reaction was the same as Emily's. The Maple Leafs have been looking for a goaltender for years and years, and they finally had one come up through the system that was good enough to take the team to the playoffs and all of a sudden he's no longer good enough?

Troubling to me is that Dave Nonis has been pulling strings on a Bernier trade all season and decided now was the time to do it. Nothing he saw during last season convinced him that James Reimer was a goaltender who deserved at least a shot at a starting job during an 82-game season.

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Why James Reimer Deserves Better

Emily G
June 24 2013 09:48AM

As I'm sure everyone is well aware by now, on Sunday afternoon the Toronto Maple Leafs traded Ben Scrivens, Matt Frattin, and a second round pick to the Los Angeles Kings for their back-up goalie, Jonathan Bernier.

There are two ways we can look at this trade: we can see it as a trade for a back-up goaltender, in which case the price paid by the Leafs is far too high, or we can see it for what it more likely is: a trade for a goalie who is going to compete with James Reimer for (or perhaps just be handed) the starting role in net for the 2013-2014 season.
If the latter is true (and it seems like it is), this is a senseless trade that will improve the team marginally or not at all.

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Leafs to buy out Mike Komisarek

Ryan Fancey
June 23 2013 03:37PM

It's been a pretty crazy day for Leafs fans. We've had the Bernier trade, the talks of Phaneuf being on the block, and now it looks like Mike Komisarek will be bought out by the club.

This isn't a big surprise by any means, but it does use one of the Leafs' compliance buyouts that could have been used on a salary dump from another team, or potentially John-Michael Liles. 

Either way, Nonis is really going to work right now and it's creating a lot of discussion around the team. Looks like a wild couple of weeks coming up.

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The Leafs acquire Jonathan Bernier!!!

Steve Dangle
June 23 2013 02:33PM


Welp. Holy crap. The Leafs got Jonathan Bernier. 

Here's what I think of the deal, what this could mean, and a text statement from Ben Scrivens.

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Saying farewell: Matt Frattin is now a Los Angeles King

Cam Charron
June 23 2013 01:35PM

Matt Frattin is now a Los Angeles King.  

The important thing here… What do the Leafs lose, what can visiting Los Angeles Kings fans expect from him?

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