LFR8 - Game 74 - Dub Step - Min 2, Tor 1

Steve Dangle
March 24 2015 02:46PM

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Talking about the Leafs' effort, Dion's fist, and the new "Anything but the Leafs" segment!

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New Leafs prospect Nikita Soshnikov is prepared to develop in the minors

Andrey Osadchenko
March 24 2015 09:18AM

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(Courtesy: KHL)

The Toronto Maple Leafs’ newest signing raised quite a few eyebrows at both sides of the Atlantic.

21-year-old Nikita Soshnikov signed a 3-year entry-level contract with the organization last week, and will come to town next season. Soshnikov has 93 KHL games under his belt (all with Atlant), 17 goals and 38 points. Notably, this was his first full pro season, partially due to his club’s financial problems.

“It’s been my dream to play in the NHL, so that was my main reason to sign with the Toronto Maple Leafs," said Soshnikov to TASS reporter Mikhail Zislis. "I didn’t care about the money or anything else. My parents were really supportive. They said I should go while I’m still young. I had an offer to stay in Russia for another year."

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LEAFS POSTGAME: Helping the Wild, Wild, West

Jeff Veillette
March 23 2015 08:46PM

I got a phone call at around ten to seven this evening. It was from my aunt, on behalf of an uncle who didn't have my phone number. Up for grabs? A pair of Leafs tickets. The cost? Free. I said no; concluding that this team wasn't worth picking up the tickets and heading down to the Air Canada Centre to watch. The fans seemed to feel the same way, with this being a rare non-sellout. To those who did go, they left with the same empty feeling the team has left for months, falling 2-1 to the Minnesota Wild.

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Mailbag Monday: Same Question Week

Jeff Veillette
March 23 2015 01:22PM


The good news: we've moved on from a dozen people asking about Connor Brown. The bad news: we now have a dozen people asking who the Leafs will pick at four. Which shows that the Leafs are bad, but not bad enough to get worse, and that our priorities as a fanbase are locked in until June. So there's that. Here's what we salvaged out of the leftovers:

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LGD: More Like the Minnesota Tame

Jon Steitzer
March 23 2015 11:00AM

A reminder that this is a real thing and is hilarious (photo credit: jdoghooey)

The Maple Leafs of Toronto will be hosting the Wild of Minnesota at the Air Canada Centre this evening and in a season of unwatchable hockey games this may be the most unwatchable. This is because the Wild are a very boring team that no one cares about. To prove this, go up to someone and ask them to name all 30 NHL teams, they'll probably rattle off 29 of them no problem, and sit around for five minutes going "WHO THE HELL AM I FORGETTING?" The answer to that question will also be the Minnesota Wild. Even in Minnesota they barely care, because it's a terrible fan base that finds USHL too fast so they watch high school hockey instead. 

In closing, I cannot say enough good things about Better Call Saul, an excellent Monday night program that is far superior to this game in every way.

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