The Major League Baseball solution

Cam Charron
October 11 2012 10:26AM

I was up late last night stretching different concepts for a long-term resolve of the spending disparity between the rich and poor teams in the NHL. In the labour dispute, I'd rather not "side" with owners or players, but rather be on the side that offers the best long-term solution, one that means we won't have a lockout every seven years.

What owners want is a one-time reduction of cost, while the players want to keep the money they've already been signed to. I think both positions are reasonable, but for the NHL, there are two looming truths they haven't resolved:

  1. There probably isn't enough demand in North America for 30 NHL teams
  2. While some owners may be looking at their bottom lines, they're still competitive people who want to spend a lot of money.

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Burke's Transactions 2.0

Gus Katsaros
October 11 2012 08:33AM

Continuing from the previous post where we looked at the Maple Leafs draft picks and some of the trades involved to acquire them.
Wading through these below listings leaves one underwhelmed, aside from a few notable transactions. There's a blessing and curse in the types of transactions he didn't make. Brad Richards, Zach Parise, Ryan Suter, Ilya Kovalchuk, and perhaps a trade for Roberto Luongo all could have been in a Leafs uniform to start the imaginary 2012-13 season. The only remote possibility now remians Luongo and that is on hold for the same reasons 2012-13 is as imaginary as the Great Gazoo.

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Steve Dangle
October 10 2012 10:02PM


Fellow Nations contributer Andrey Osadchenko and I have started making highlight packs in English for the KHL youtube channel this season. Like them? We can make it a regular feature here at the Nations.


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Dangle's Cards: Are the Red Wings ever gonna suck?

Steve Dangle
October 10 2012 11:20AM

Detroit is one of the NHL's last true dynasties. Will it ever stop?
Click "Read More", watch the video, and have your say.

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The strangest team

Ryan Fancey
October 10 2012 08:38AM

With the lockout killing our creativity (especially mine) over the last while, I figured I'd open the floor to another discussion piece. The question this time being: Is there a team in the NHL as funky as the Leafs? And I don't mean like, good funky, either.

We've heard on many occasions that the Maple Leafs are a team without identity. We've heard that Phil Kessel doesn't have a backbone and the team is made up of a bunch of misfits. We've written about Burke turning a blind eye to goaltending and remaining on a mission to load up on a hundred defencemen. And recently it's been the news surrounding Francois Allaire that's had us in "what the hell?" mode.

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