LFR8 - Game 76 - Bozen - Ott 3, Tor 4 (OT)

Steve Dangle
March 29 2015 04:41PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 5.54.11 PM

G-Man carries the Leafs, Bozak has the best game of his career, and I'm actually happy the Leafs won!

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March 29 2015 10:19AM

Mathew Barzal is an exceptional young hockey player. Size concerns and a significant injury have him lagging behind the top of the draft in terms of buzz, but don't be fooled about him. Young Barzal is among the very best players available in this year's draft.

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Leafs Postgame - The Tank Takes a Detour

Justin Fisher
March 28 2015 08:20PM

Eric Brewer? Are you [expletive] kidding me?

The Toronto Maple Leafs took a pause on being horrible tonight, snapping a seven-game losing streak and downing the Ottawa Senators 4-3 in overtime. 

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Don Cherry is Pretty Pissed that Connor Brown isn't with the Leafs

Justin Fisher
March 28 2015 06:37PM

It'd been a while (like, a couple hours?) since Don Cherry accused the Toronto Maple Leafs organization of being college hockey homers, but alas, here we are again.

During tonight's Coach's Corner segment, Cherry railed against the Leafs for not calling up Marlies leading scorer Connor Brown, while signing Casey Bailey and fast tracking that filthy American to the National Hockey League. 

"Now, I want to say something about the Leafs," Cherry began. At this point, I should have just turned the television off, or thrown it out the window, but instead I decided I'd transcribe what followed.

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Marlies lose last ever Toronto / Hamilton matchup

Jeff Veillette
March 28 2015 04:04PM


The Toronto Marlies and the Hamilton Bulldogs have a long history of facing each other in the American Hockey League. While they've never gone head-to-head in a playoff series, their proximity to each other has led to the two teams playing each other a dozen times per regular season, plus a couple of preseason games. Over the years, the QEW rivalry has done the see-saw from thrilling to boring, depending on who punched who and how many of the games had come in the prior weeks.

With the Bulldogs moving to St. John’s at the end of this year, today marked the last time that the two teams will face each other. But with the last playoff spot in the balance, the stakes haven’t ever been higher.

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