Speculating all over Tyler Bozak's injury status

Cam Charron
April 29 2013 01:37PM

Dave Nonis said that he expected Tyler Bozak to be on the ice and ready for Game One, but he didn't practice with the team today. Mikhail Grabovski spent time between Joffrey Lupul and Nik Kulemin on the second line with Nazem Kadri with Phil Kessel and James van Riemsdyk on the first.

Steve Simmons, of all people, noted that Grabovski was staying out for extra faceoff practice

So maybe there's a disconnect between what the Leafs are preparing for in Game One and what the Leafs are saying. Elliotte Friedman was on the Canucks Army podcast last night and did note that you can't trust teams at this time in the season to be entirely truthful and up front when it comes to injuries.

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Five Leafs thoughts - April 29th Playoffs!!!1 edition

Cam Charron
April 29 2013 04:19AM

A few thoughts to tide us over until Wednesday. Leading up to Game One, we'll run a series of previews along with some of our own in-house analytics to break down Eastern Conference Series D as best we can in the coming days.

No. 1 - Forget it Jake, it's Boston

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Is Anne Murray available to sing the anthem at Leaf playoff games?

Cam Charron
April 28 2013 04:21PM

Did you know it's been a while since the Toronto Maple Leafs last played a playoff game? It's true. Be reminded every day between now and about the first intermission of Game Two, and possible for the first two periods of Game Three when the Leafs play at home.

The Leafs overcoming some very long odds to make the postseason is a pretty cool story, and their opponent has yet to be determiend. (Although it may be determined by the time you read this column, but I won't be able to file anything else until about 3 a.m. Eastern, and who is going to read anything at that time?)

Part of what's gone on in the time that it's taken the Leafs to make the playoffs is that it seems every team has developed some sort of national anthem schtick—Rene Rancourt in Boston fist pumping after singing the Star-Spangled Banner, Mark Donnelly in Vancouver letting the crowd sing the middle section, Montreal fans booing the Star-Spangled Banner and Phoenix fans showing up late, if at all.

What can Toronto do to separate itself? Well…

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LFR6 - Game 48 - Now for the fun part

Steve Dangle
April 28 2013 01:11PM


The Leafs lose to the Habs, and in doing so, might not get to play the Habs. Wait - what?

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Leafs lose forgettable hockey game on last day of season

Cam Charron
April 27 2013 08:45PM

Colton Orr watches the third period - Graig Abel via NHL Interactive

It's upsetting that the last three games of the Toronto Maple Leafs' season were entirely devoid of meaning. Practically locked into the four spot, Randy Carlyle had the opportunity to skate new line combinations, start his backup goalie or get Jake Gardiner going. None of this happened, and while the Leafs had a couple of good efforts against Tampa Bay and Florida in a recent trip, they completely mailed in their last game of the season, emphasizing brawn over brains and playing an utterly embarrassing final game of the season as hockey fans across North America tuned out to watch Minnesota and Columbus.

46 minutes in penalties in that third period. I had the game on mute so didn't catch what happened to Clarke MacArthur and Frazer McLaren. Didn't care. Once the Canadiens took a 3-1 lead with the Leafs only having taken 7 shots, you knew what kind of game it would be. Either they didn't have the effort or the focus or their effort and focus was misguided. At puck drop, Ryan White, Brandon Prust, Colton Orr and McLaren were on the ice. While no fisticuffs ensued, at only a couple of points in the evening did you get the impression the Leafs were worried about hockey.

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