KHL Highlights: Ovie OT Hero, Loko tops Grabo, and Malkin is a fairly decent player

Steve Dangle
November 18 2012 11:44PM

Here for your entertainment, ladies and gents, are highlights from five KHL games. If you're skeptical about the KHL, watch the highlights from the CSKA Moscow-Lokomotiv game and the Dynamo Moscow-Dinamo Minsk game, because those were damn good games. 


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Best of the Nation – 11.18.12

Jonathan Willis
November 18 2012 08:23AM

After the jump, some of the best general interest articles from the Nation Network this week. Topics include (but are not limited to, he said in a lawyerly, small print voice): Justin Schultz, whether older players get worse over the course of a long season (don't break a hip, Ryan), the best bargains in the NHL, Hall of Fame inductees Pavel Bure and Barrie Stafford, the best and worst in jerseys, a player who isn't happy with his NHL '13 rating, and of course the lockout.

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KHL Highlights: Malkin gets pissed, Kovalchuk snipes again, Grabo scores, and Bulis passes to Bulis

Steve Dangle
November 16 2012 08:20PM


See that Malkin face? All pissed off and such? Pretty intense. So intense in fact that if you watch these KHL highlights you'll grow 50-75 more hairs on your chest by the time you're done watching them (that goes for you too, ladies). There's other games, too. Watch those also. In fact, I'm not even going to put the Magnitogorsk pack first just to screw with you.


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Two minutes with Leafs prospect Morgan Rielly

Cam Charron
November 16 2012 10:31AM

After Game Six of the Subway Super Series in Victoria, I got a chance to talk to Morgan Rielly for a couple of minutes. For my article on Team Canada's defensive prospects at the World Juniors (including where Rielly stands), click here .

What would you say is the main reason for there being so many good defencemen in your age group?

That's hard to say. I think every team these days is in a hunt to have a good two-way defenceman, there's a whole group of them playing right now in pro hockey with Kris Letang and whatnot. I think there's a whole lot of great blue liners in our league and our age group and I'd say that's great for hockey.

How old were you when you made the switch to defence and who was your primary influence?

I was in atom and all the way up until atom I was kind of all over the map, and I had a chat with my Dad and he told me that if I played 'D' I'd have a whole lot more ice time and so after that we made the switch and haven't really looked back. He's taught me a whole lot about the position and the game as well. I think I've come a long way from atom.

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Study: If the Leafs had a good game, how did they play in the next game?

Cam Charron
November 15 2012 01:57PM

Gus has done some good work looking at 10-game segments for the Toronto Maple Leafs this season, and I wanted to quickly look at momentum, specifically, whether the Leafs' performance over one 10-game segment makes much of a difference compared to the next segment.

It can also be applied to games as well. What is the Leafs record, for example, coming off of a win as opposed to coming off of a loss? Well, in the most recent season, the Leafs were 14-16-5 off a win, and 20-21-5 after a loss. Not enough evidence there to make you think that the team gets into a groove or starts playing with confidence or momentum.

Look at it this way: Flip a coin 20 times. If the coin lands on "heads" four times in a row, does "heads" have all the momentum? Regardless of the last flip, there's always a 50-50 chance the coin will hit heads or tails. In hockey, the coin is weighted, and it's been weighted against the Leafs for quite some time now.

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