Luongo Liability

JP Nikota
April 25 2012 09:44PM


Whether or not Brian Burke should trade for Roberto Luongo (or even Tim Thomas) is contingent on a number of issues that many, (including The Leafs Nation's own John Lofranco) have already discussed. There are a number of potential wrinkles, from cap space, to the asking price, to what the Vancouver Canucks or Boston Bruins currently need.

Before we begin to consider any of those issues however, I think it's critical to assess the risk that Luongo represents as a 33-year-old-goaltender. While it's true that $5.33M isn't a bad price to pay for top-flight netminding, the length of the term on the contract would make it a terrible burden if Luongo performed poorly.

Jump for a couple graphs.

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Team Canada Takes Shape – And Looks Pretty Good, Too

Jonathan Willis
April 25 2012 11:54AM

With the additions of Duncan Keith and Patrick Sharp, this year’s Canadian entry at the World Championships is shaping up to be one of the strongest we’ve seen recently. Given how Canada has fared the last few years at the Worlds, that’s a very good thing.

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Tony Clement has reached a new low

Danny Gray
April 24 2012 05:37PM



Who should I cheer for this time?

Speaking of throwing up in your mouth, it seems as though Canadian politicians have embraced the 2012 Ottawa Senators as this years “Canada’s Team”. 

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Gustavsson, Reimer and Scrivens; just the stats, sir

Cam Charron
April 24 2012 04:55PM

What follows is a dry look at three goaltenders for the Toronto Maple Leafs this past season.

In no way am I caliming that any of the following information is predictive. All I can tell you is that it is reliable, and takes into account the three Leafs' goaltenders over 81 games this season. Jussi Rynnas is not on the list because he had a single start.

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Luongo-ing to Toronto?

John Lofranco
April 23 2012 10:18AM

luongo shop

Now that the Canucks have been eliminated from the playoffs **chuckles**, the talk is that Vancouver needs to blow it up, start over, the window is closed, etc. That's a bit ridiculous, considering the age of their very good starting goalie, Corey Schneider, and their twin leaders, the Sedins. Perhaps the coach could go, as a way of shaking things up, and certainly some minor tweaks to the line-up are likely, but a full-blow up is not necessary. This is still a very good team, with lots of assets, depth and talent.

One guy who embodies all three of those descriptors is Roberto Luongo. Considering how good Schnieder is, and the play of Eddie Lack with the Wolves, it would not be a bad idea for the Nucks to trade their former captain, to try to shore up some other areas. And of course, if someone is talking trade, the Leafs must be involved. But, is this realistic?

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