"The Steve Dangle Podcast - March 27, 2014 - Dion & Sniffles"

Steve Dangle
March 27 2014 09:24PM

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In this episode, Steve and Chris talk about all the  Phaneuf bashing, talk about "the biz", and take your questions.

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What does a six-game losing streak tell us about the Leafs?

Cam Charron
March 27 2014 01:50PM

It presumably hasn't escaped people's collective grasps that the Toronto Maple Leafs have stopped being out-shot as much during this lengthy losing skid. Sure, until the game against the Blues, the Leafs had actually out-shot its opposition 160-154 in the first five games, including two consecutive out-shooting games against Detroit and Tampa Bay followed by a 36-36 tie against the Habs.

However, that number is a less impressive 117-129 if you only count only even strength shots, meaning that the Leafs were padding their numbers thanks to a helpful powerplay that has generated four goals in the six games. At even strength with the score tied, the number looks even worse: 24-29 doesn't look that bad on the surface, but those numbers mean the Leafs were only getting 45% of the shots—a rate that only beat four teams this entire season: Philadelphia, Edmonton, Buffalo and, well, Toronto.

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MacIntyre Returns To Marlies, Slightly Disappointed

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
March 27 2014 11:56AM


When Jonathan Bernier's groin took a turn for the worse against his former Los Angeles Kings, two things became apparent; James Reimer was going to have a chance to bring his reputation back up (for various reasons, it didn't happen), and Drew MacIntyre was to have an opportunity to show that he's more than just a minor league goalie.

The reasons for why can be debated, but ultimately, MacIntyre only played once, coming in for Reimer during a loss to the New Jersey Devils. He stopped every shot, but ultimately, didn't get to have his first career NHL start. Unsurprisingly, Drew was a bit disappointed.

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Wayback Wednesday: McCabe Doesn't Suck

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
March 26 2014 02:20PM


Ah yes, the 2007/08 Leafs season. The team started a spectacularly bad 0-7-1. They didn't finish much better, with only a late season push stopping them from being in the Steven Stamkos sweepstakes (they ended up with the 7th pick, and traded up to select Luke Schenn). Big name signing Jason Blake dropped from 40 goals to 15, Darcy Tucker had a poor first year in his soon to be bought-out extension, and Vesa Toskala's 0.904 SV% was considered a positive based on the alternatives.

But perhaps the biggest story was Bryan McCabe. On year two of a 5 year deal with a 5.75 million dollar cap hit, people were skeptical that he'd live up to the expectations he had created with a 68 point year in 2005/06. And then, this happened:

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Oh, the humanity!

Jim Lang
March 26 2014 12:43PM


The end of this Leafs season has taken on a real Hindenburg trying to land in Lakehurst, New Jersey feel to it.

Tuesday night the Leafs allowed a staggering 23 shots in the first period as they went on to lose 5-3 to the Blues. There’s no question the Blues are a very good team but that makes it six straight losses for the stumbling Leafs and the Leafs Nation is angry my friends. As if that wasn’t ugly enough all six losses have come in regulation time.

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