Babcock to the Leafs?...

May 11 2015 07:27PM


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Mailbag: Finnished with all the Matt Questions

Jeff Veillette
May 11 2015 12:40PM


I'm eating a chocolate chip granola bar right now. It is very tasty. I'm also having a bottle of water. It is very watery. Neither of these statements are relevant to anything, but I couldn't think up a better intro. With that said, here are a few of your questions (we had a lot of them this week).

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The Underlying Numbers of the Leafs' Head Coaching Candidates

Shawn Reis
May 11 2015 10:04AM

In the recent days and weeks there seems to be more of a buzz surrounding the Leafs' search for a general manager and head coach.  It's been a month now since the Leafs' season ended, and a month since Peter Horachek and Dave Nonis were relieved of their respective duties.  We are heading into the middle of May now.  Soon there will only be 4 teams whose NHL season is still alive.  And of course, the draft and free agency are starting to come into sight.  In other words, it's getting likelier and likelier that the Leafs will make a decision about their new manager and bench boss sooner rather than later.

Here at TLN we've been pumping out a lot of content about prospective coaches and GMs, creating mock resumes that give you a glimpse of what these hockey minds have to offer.  What we haven't done a lot of though is compare these people with each other.  We've really only touched the surface of what some of the Leafs' head coaching candidates bring to the table.  Today, I want to take you beneath that surface.

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Maple Leafs Job Fair: George McPhee's Resume

Adam Laskaris
May 11 2015 07:01AM

The long-time GM of the Washington Capitals, George McPhee presents himself as one of the most experienced candidates yet in TLN's job fair of potential Maple Leafs GM options.

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We Compared The Hockey News' Top 100 Prospects to the Leafs' Draft Picks

Justin Fisher
May 10 2015 05:13PM

Last week, Corey Pronman released his Top 100 Draft Prospects. We wrote about it here, taking a look at who Pronman ranked in the ranges that the Toronto Maple Leafs are expected to pick. This week, The Hockey News released their Top 100 Draft Prospects list, so here we go again.

One of the reasons why it made sense to do this style of article again for THN's Top 100  is that there was so little overlap between THN and Pronman (besides the the fourth overall pick candidates, of course). We'll be talking about (almost) entirely different players today than we did last week.

More past the jump.

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