NHL Realignment Approved

Jonathan Willis
December 05 2011 10:02PM

The NHL announced last night that its Board of Governors were able to come to an agreement on a realignment of the league, one that will abolish the current East/West system and instead create four different conferences.

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Phil Kessel and possession totals

Cam Charron
December 05 2011 03:59PM

Phil Kessel and Joffrey Lupul currently sit at one and three in the NHL in scoring with a very successful first quarter to the season. Offensively, that is. On defense, there is still a lot of work to be done.

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Did Ron Wilson Lie To The Toronto Media? If So, Does It Matter?

Jonathan Willis
December 05 2011 12:04PM

Various members of the Toronto media have been in a frenzy since Saturday, when Jonas Gustavsson, the goaltender the coach indicated would start the game against Boston, sat. Instead, James Reimer made his return from injury.

Did Ron Wilson lie to the Toronto media? If he did lie, is it something that matters?

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Nation Network Hockey Pool, December 4th Edition

Jonathan Willis
December 04 2011 10:56PM

Martin Brodeur is killing my team, and the teams of a bunch of different entrants. His zero shutouts and 0.879 SV% give him a pool value of -52.5, by far the worst of any current player. Nobody carrying him on their team is in the top-25 this week.

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December 04 2011 03:49PM

The first NationRadio broadcast of December 2011 is a real Canadian affair. The Oilers, Jets, Flames and Leafs are all given their due with the legendary Lowetide. What about the Canadiens and Senators you ask? Well, we just don't care about them is all.

This is NationRadio.

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