Parsing through team over/under totals for the coming season

Dimitri Filipovic
September 10 2014 09:16AM

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Well, if Grapes is looking for something to invest that crisp $100 bill in..

The 2014-15 NHL season is rapidly approaching. Respective prospect tournaments and training camps are starting any day now, and the preseason schedule itself gets going less than two weeks from now. Those are sure-fire signs that hockey is on the horizon. 

Another harbinger that makes that realization feel more tangible? Bovada has released their over/under lines for team point totals this coming season. 

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Apologies to Petter Granberg

Justin Fisher
September 09 2014 05:43PM

Hey Petter,

Can I call you Pete? How are you doing? I hope you had a great summer. My summer was cool. I went to the batting cages and saw some movies. What did you do? Maybe you went back home to Sweden and did fun Swedish things. I’m sure there’s a lot of fun things to do in Sweden, like, uh...

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NHL 15: Review & Motion Capture

Steve Dangle
September 09 2014 08:25AM

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The curious case of NHL 15.

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Steven Tzemis
September 09 2014 07:00AM

#485088043 /

Coming in at number five on our list defenceman Petter Granberg, who jumped a massive eight spots from our midterm rankings done back in January.

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Robidas feeling fine, but still not cleared for contact

Ryan Fancey
September 08 2014 12:35PM

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Over the past week there have been some concerns over the Leafs' newly acquired blue-liner, Stephane Robidas, and the extent of his 2013-14 season-ending injury. Robidas broke his right leg in November, then again in April, and his road to recovery has been, as one would expect, a tough one. But perhaps we didn't realize just how tough it was until a few days ago, when news arose that he had yet to be cleared for contact with the Leafs, and had even contemplated retirement after the second incident.

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