Production Down The Middle

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
April 09 2013 02:05PM

Unable to sleep last night, I did what any other odd person does to wind down - I broke down hockey statistics to borderline pointless levels. Last night, my victims were the Leafs centres.

Now, I’m not going to bore a lot of you with Advanced Statistics. While they’re very good at showing things that can’t been seen at face value, plenty are still unfamiliar with them, and at the same time, I don’t consider myself to be completely knowledgeable on the subject. So what I prefer to do for arguments like this, is stretch the more basic stats to see what players production paces are.

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LFR6 - Game 39 - Ryan O'Bure

Steve Dangle
April 09 2013 10:39AM


Ryan O'Byrne miraculously scores in his Leafs debut while Kessel pots a pair.

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Leafs get big performances from stars in 4-3 win over Rangers

Cam Charron
April 08 2013 09:14PM

via Abelimages and NHL Interactive

Phil Kessel is a wonderful hockey player.

James Reimer is a wonderful goaltender. 

Both players played very good games for the Toronto Maple Leafs in their win against the New York Rangers. The result of this game gave the Leafs a six-point cushion on the Rangers and an eight-point cushion on 9th place. For the Leafs to fall out now, something spectacular must happen. The Maple Leafs, against all odds, appear to be a playoff team in 2013.

Van Riemsdyk got one. Kessel got two. Ryan O'Byrne, somehow, got one, and the Leafs gave up a 3-1 lead but eventually held on for the victory after a tense final two minutes.

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Preview Game #39 Rangers @ Leafs - Who plays on the Rangers now?

Cam Charron
April 08 2013 03:20PM

In Toronto when a young player is struggling, the coach will demote him, sit him out as a scratch or send him to the minors. Much ink and pixels are spilled over this questionable decision. 

In New York when a young player is struggling, Glen Sather trades him out of town and replaces him with a big-name contract. Somebody who was a perennial awards candidate years ago. Some of the worst deals in NHL history—Bobby Holik, Chris Drury, Brad Richards—have been signed with Gather at the helm. His reward for winning the Rick Nash derby this summer was that midway through the season, he had to add some depth to his roster, and managed that by trading Marian Gaborik to Columbus.

It's been a long time since the Leafs played the Rangers. It was the sixth game of the season and the Leafs lost 5-2. Gaborik scored twice and the new-look first line by the Rangers, with Nash, Gaborik and Brad Richards, looked fantastic. That line is split up, now.

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Five Leafs thoughts to begin the week - April 8th

Cam Charron
April 08 2013 04:18AM

A few thoughts to begin the week... TV rights, Jake Gardiner, effort, and more...

No. 1 - Leafs back in the win column… if you got to see it

As soon as CBC announced that Montreal and Boston was going to be the national game for this last week, I immediately looked for somebody to handle the game recap, and made my own plans for Saturday night. I live out in BC, so I wouldn't be able to get the game on TV with the benefit of a PVR system allowing me to rewind plays and double-check observations or whatever it is I do.

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