Apologies to Petter Granberg

Justin Fisher
September 09 2014 05:43PM

Hey Petter,

Can I call you Pete? How are you doing? I hope you had a great summer. My summer was cool. I went to the batting cages and saw some movies. What did you do? Maybe you went back home to Sweden and did fun Swedish things. I’m sure there’s a lot of fun things to do in Sweden, like, uh...

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NHL 15: Review & Motion Capture

Steve Dangle
September 09 2014 08:25AM

Screen shot 2014-09-09 at 8.31.26 AM

The curious case of NHL 15.

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Steven Tzemis
September 09 2014 07:00AM

#485088043 / gettyimages.com

Coming in at number five on our list defenceman Petter Granberg, who jumped a massive eight spots from our midterm rankings done back in January.

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Robidas feeling fine, but still not cleared for contact

Ryan Fancey
September 08 2014 12:35PM

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Over the past week there have been some concerns over the Leafs' newly acquired blue-liner, Stephane Robidas, and the extent of his 2013-14 season-ending injury. Robidas broke his right leg in November, then again in April, and his road to recovery has been, as one would expect, a tough one. But perhaps we didn't realize just how tough it was until a few days ago, when news arose that he had yet to be cleared for contact with the Leafs, and had even contemplated retirement after the second incident.

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The Punk Test: The Big Bad Bruins Run Amok

Steve Dangle
September 08 2014 09:16AM

This may be the written blog I’m most proud of. It was originally posted on RealSports.ca in mid-November of 2011, but it got deleted. Then I posted it on SteveDangle.com in January of 2013 but I just recently deleted that site, too. For those who missed it and those who want to revisit it, here is "The Punk Test" once again.

I first heard of the punk test in a clip of Sirius XM’s Opie and Anthony Show. Comedian Patrice O’Neal, a regular guest of the show (who sadly passed away only weeks after this was written), told a story of a time he was robbed as a teenager, a terrifying incident he now looks back on and laughs about. Before the robbery could take place, Patrice says his attacker gave him the “punk test.”

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