Preview: Game #32 Bruins @ Leafs - Komarov out, Lupul confused

Cam Charron
March 23 2013 01:04PM

Hockey news doesn't typically happen on Fridays, and hockey blogs aren't frequently read on Fridays, so we often don't post a lot of things on Fridays. However there have been a few small events that have arisen between the end of the Leafs last game against Buffalo and Saturday afternoon that would warrant a few eyeballs.

First there was Joffrey Lupul's public questioning of the league's disciplinary decisions. Then Leo Komarov was placed on injured reserve. Then came speculation that hey, maybe Ryan Hamilton will play with Tyler Bozak and Phil Kessel tonight. So there's lots of activity floating around, and lots of discussion, but I think we'll focus most of this on the game against the Boston Bruins tonight on Hockey Night.

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LFR6 - Game 31 - Down with Goons

Steve Dangle
March 22 2013 01:09PM


I meant to talk about the game and ended up ranting about goons. Screw goons.

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You OTT'a believe the Leafs lost in a shootout to Buffalo 5-4

Cam Charron
March 21 2013 09:17PM

Photo Bill Wippert/NHL Interactive

A talent agent is sitting in his office. He hears a knock on a door and opens it up, and it is Frazer McLaren. It is Colton Orr. Both are standing in the doorway. "What can you do," asks the talent agent, who has had a very long day and is very tired. He is visibly frustrated and annoyed with the sudden appearance of these two thugs.

"Not much," says Frazer McLaren. "I can stand on a guy's wing and not skate very fast. I can visibly restrict Jay McClement's abilities. I can also, in a pinch, absolutely fill in a guy's face if the situation requires it."

"There's this puke on the Sabres named Patrick Kaleta," continues Orr. "Maybe he'll dive across the half the ice on a weak shove and stop play. I'll go out on the ice for the next faceoff. I will crosscheck him hard across the back. I'll break my stick across him and impale him with the remains."

"Good grief!" says the talent agent. "What do you call an act like that?"

Colton Orr and Frazer Mclaren say in unison: "The Aristocrats!"

Recap below.

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Preview: Game #31 Leafs @ Sabres - Lupul suspended two games

Cam Charron
March 21 2013 03:16PM

So Lupul was suspended for his hit on Victor Hedman for two games, and I have to say I'm quite surprised. Ryan Hamilton was called up to fill Mike Komisarek's spot in the lineup, so he'll play for the Leafs in Buffalo. Leafs without Lupul, but the bigger absentee in this game is Thomas Vanek, out with a lower-body injury for the Sabres.

I didn't see the play with sound on, but I'm guessing it's from when Vanek was hit by a Christian Ehrhoff slapshot against Montreal on Tuesday in the team's 3-2 win. Might have been Ehrhoff, I could be wrong there, but Vanek missed the second half of the game. He came out to do a skate during a TV timeout and is still practicing with the team so poolies, it probably isn't long-term.

The Sabres have been pretty well a two-man team this season. The other guy is Ehrhoff.

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LFR6 - Game 30 - Dangle Curse Broken!

Steve Dangle
March 21 2013 01:10PM



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