Nation Network Hockey Pool, November 27th Edition

Jonathan Willis
November 28 2011 12:30AM

It was a close thing, but last week's leader held off a strong challenge to remain in first for a second consecutive week.

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November 27 2011 09:06PM

Congratulations to the 2011 Grey Cup Champion BC Lions!

If you haven't had your fill of sports for the weekend might we suggest having a lil listen to some of the most knowledgeable hockey folks around?

This is NationRadio.

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Leafs Vs. Canes Scoring Chances

JP Nikota
November 26 2011 01:00PM

When Toronto played in Carolina last week and only lost 3-2, they had only Ben Scrivens and Phil Kessel to thank. Sure, it was a regulation loss, and at the end of the season, a 6-0 loss is worth the same number of points as 3-2 loss, but it's a whole lot easier on us fans.

The second period was the worst I have yet to track, with the Hurricanes out-chacing the Leafs 11-0, despite the fact that the Canes already held a 1-0 lead. In fact, including the two chances the Canes had at the end of the first, there was a 13-0 streak against the Leafs.

That the Leafs managed to stay out of the box for large stretches of the game was probably a big factor, as they only gave up two 5-on-4 advantages, and the Hurricanes capitalized on one of them. (Note that their PP goal came in the second, but was not technically considered a chance.)

The only Leaf to out-chance his opponents at even strength? Cody Franson.

I expect the picture to look somewhat rosier when I look at the next game, the Leafs' 7-1 drubbing of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

One other note I will add is that I have begun tracking what type of chances are occurring. Follow me over the jump for a list of scoring chance types.

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Gobble Gobble – US Thanksgiving and Canadian team’s playoff chances

Dean Belanger
November 26 2011 12:16PM

So the theory is that if you have a playoff spot near the end of November, you are likely going to hold onto that spot and be a playoff team. Obviously, nothing is written in stone but the percentages are very good and by we should be able to know the difference between a hot start and a talented team.

According to data from the Toronto Star in 2010: 77.5% of teams that held a playoff spot on Thanksgiving made the playoffs. 84% of teams with 17 or fewer points did not make the playoffs. 89% of teams with 28 or more points made the playoffs. With that in mind, let’s look at the Canadian Team’s chances.

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How have the Leafs fared sans Reimer?

Cam Charron
November 25 2011 08:19AM

News broke out of Dallas yesterday morning that James Reimer occupied the home net at Maple Leafs practice on Thursday morning. Not being a beat-writer, but taking my cues from the guys who are, I guess this presumes that Reimer will see some sort of game action soon, although Jonas Siegel speculates at TSN that it could take as many as ten days.

So how has Toronto fared in the absence of one Jimmy Reimer?

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