October 08 2011 03:30PM


The 2011-12 NHL season is officially underway and there is a whole bunch of good this week on NationRadio to celebrate. Former Oiler Sean Brown chats with Lowetide as does Timo Seppa - Managing Editor of Hockey Prospectus, Thomas Drance from CanucksArmy, Oil Kings play by play man Corey Graham and finally Matt Bugg from Dobber Hockey.

This is NationRadio.

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Leafs-Senators Preview: Battle of Ontario Round One

Pension Plan Puppets
October 08 2011 12:53PM

Luke Schenn usually saves his best for the Senators

Once upon a time, the Ottawa Senators were a regular season powerhouse. The rivalry with Toronto was, post-lockout, christened "The Rape and Pillage of Lower Ontario" by Chris Selley of the National Post because of how brutally the newcomers to the NHL would pummel the Heroes. They even made a Stanley Cup Final in 2007! And then a funny thing happened on the way to a repeat appearance in the Final: the Senators imploded.

And so now, the Leafs sport a healthy 11-5-2 record against them over the past three seasons and with the Senators heading towards a battle for 30th for the next couple of seasons that record needs to improve if the Buds want to make the playoffs.

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State of the Nations - 2011-2012 Season

Kent Wilson
October 07 2011 11:56AM


The new season is finally upon us. The sun rises on 2011-12 and with it a new dawn for the Nations Network. We've added some new sites and new faces this summer and are currently working away in Wanye's secret hide-out on future various plans and schemes. Here's a little of what you can expect from us this season:

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Maple Leafs vs. Habs Shift Chart

Danny Gray
October 07 2011 11:31AM



We had some fun over at the Montreal Canadien’s SBN site yesterday. Checking back today I found an interesting site linked in their game re-cap. It’s an interactive shift chart of last night’s game. Compiled by the chart can tell us a few interesting things about last night’s game.

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Montreal's Excellent Power Play

October 06 2011 11:20PM



Last night on the CBC we got to hear about Montreal's excellent system based play at great length thanks to insightful hockey savant Glenn Healy. I figured I'd do a frame by frame breakdown of the only Montreal power play a goal was scored on in order to demonstrate why the Canadiens are so effective on special teams.

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