Report: The Leafs are looking to move Kessel ASAP

Bobby Cappuccino
June 13 2015 09:52AM

It’s been no secret over the last few weeks that the Leafs have the intention of moving Phil Kessel. But that intention seems to be getting more and more serious as we approach the draft - the talk of acquiring more picks, the amount of players they seem to like in this year’s class, and the whole “there’s going to be a lot of pain” quote from Mike Babcock and company. 

But nothing has made it more obvious than this bit from Damien Cox yesterday:

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TLN Roundtable: The Best and Worst of Our Consensus Draft Rankings

Justin Fisher
June 12 2015 06:12PM

Earlier today, we posted our TLN 2015 Top 30 Draft Rankings. It's an excellent list, probably the best one on the internet, but it still caused a lot of grief and tension between TLN staff members. Since this morning, I've broken down and eaten five chocolate cakes, we've smashed no less than five windows and a lamp, and Shawn has a pen securely lodged in his leg. Let's call it... a hostile work environment.

For today's roundtable, each of us will look back on our consensus list, and share what we liked about it, how our personal rankings made it great, and how everyone else screwed it up.

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TLN's First and Final 2015 NHL Draft Rankings

Ryan Fancey
June 12 2015 10:15AM

We've been getting a lot of texts, emails, and phone calls over the last month or so from people who simply need to know "What does your top thirty look like? You folks have been doing all this research for prospect profiles and such, where are TLN's rankings, huh?"

Well, the wait is over. It's time to tip the hockey world on its head. [Not really. We actually put a lot of thought into these rankings, and they should be a good reference for the draft. I just wanted to sound tough.]

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First Round Targets: Colin White

Justin Fisher
June 12 2015 09:32AM

Colin White shouldn't necessarily be considered a 'safe pick' in the traditional "Frederik Gauthier is going to be an excellent third liner" sense, but that's not going to stop Leafs fans from approaching the Boston College commit with some skepticism. White's a talented guy, but nobody cares about things like defence in the first round! We want lots of flash and pizazz and turning over the puck at the blueline like, all the damn time. 

But seriously though, White's a decent prospect, and he'd make for a fine pick in and around where the Toronto Maple Leafs will be picking in the late first. But does he excite us enough to make it to the shortlist? Let's see...

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TOP-10 UFA COUNTDOWN: #7 - Christian Ehrhoff

Jeff Veillette
June 12 2015 09:00AM

This is a series counting down the top-10 pending UFAs. It will be posted across the Nation Network over the next month! Enjoy!

When Christian Ehrhoff signed a ten year contract with the Buffalo Sabres in June of 2011, a lot of people were puzzled, and a little annoyed. Why was the NHL allowing these long-term, front-loaded contracts? Why was a 28 year old signing one that he would theoretically be able to play through? Why, even with the scheme, did such a talented player take so little without testing the market, from a team he became part of just hours before?

Fast forward to today. This would theoretically be the end of year four, but the Sabres are about a year removed from buying out the middle-aged German. Not only that, but the Pittsburgh Penguins, his new team, feel inclined to go with other internal options, meaning Ehrhoff will suit up for his third team in as many years.

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