Agreement reached; Lockout on verge of end; Christmas saved

Cam Charron
January 06 2013 09:39AM

After 16 hours of bargaining and mediation Saturday and early into Sunday morning, the National Hockey League and its Players Association came through with a tentative labour agreement that will see the remainder of the 2012-2013 season played out under a pro-rated salary cap.

A groggy Gary Bettman, who was speaking about as quickly as Luke Schenn accelerates, clarified that the deal must be ratified on both sides, and that there was no information available yet on schedule or number of games to be played.

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Luongo a Leaf after CBA is signed?

Cam Charron
January 05 2013 08:05PM

This is per Sportsnet's Josh Rimer.

To tear away your attention from a thrilling football game between Green Bay and Minnesota, I think it's become known that the collective bargaining agreement is close, if nothing is finalized. It sounds like the NHL really wants to get something going by the middle of the month—January 19th is the apparent start date—so that leaves a minimal amount of time for the Vancouver Canucks to unload their franchise goaltender before then.

Province reporter Jason Botchford pegs it at a 0.0% chance that the Canucks bring back both Luongo and Cory Schneider, which means the team would need to facilitate a trade within the next week, presumably before training camp begins.

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Your Graphic Year In Review: Part 1, When Hockey Was Actually A Thing

Graphic Comments
January 05 2013 11:50AM

The Year of the Bettman 

Hmm, now that I think about it, 2013 makes a way better Year of the Bettman.

Anyway, given that January 11 will mark one year since the first #GraphicComment hit Twitter, I thought it appropriate to take a look back at the year that was in graphic terms.

And for you cynics out there, yes, this is like one of those Best Of albums. There is nothing new here, other than the on graphic above. The rest are just repeats. But hey, since I only had about 10 followers on Twitter for most of the year, and I'm pretty sure at least eight of those were my mom, you probably didn't see these. Plus they have been digitally remastered and colourized. So how could you go wrong? Send your money now.

Er, no don't. No purchase necessary, just click past the jump...

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KHL: Ringing in 2013

Steve Dangle
January 03 2013 11:24PM


 The KHL played its first hockey games of 2013 with a light, 3-game schedule. The playoff race is heating up big time.


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Cap crunch: Toronto Maple Leafs amnesty buyout options

Cam Charron
January 03 2013 03:29PM

As published by James Mirtle at the Globe's website yesterday, the Toronto Maple Leafs have 13 players signed for $41.5M for the 2013-14 season. General belief is that the cap should fall around $60M, so that gives the Leafs plenty of space going forward in efforts to sign some good hockey players.

Whether or not the Leafs actually spend the money on good hockey players, well that's another discussion. One of the ideas that's been discussed to help teams at the top end of the chart comply with the smaller cap is an amnesty buyout that counts against the players' share of hockey-related revenue but not the salary cap. Now, it seems, there's the possibility of two amnesty buyouts per team.

So how does this help Toronto? Well, not all that much, since the Leafs don't have a lot of players signed on long deals, as I'll show below. The main reason this helps the Leafs is that if there are two amnesty buyouts, it could lead to a much bigger pool of free agents. Remember, just because hockey players are overpaid, don't mean they're bad.

Who are Toronto's buyout candidates? Well…

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