June 07 2011 11:49AM

"If ever there was a time for a good ol' fashioned comeback this would be it. Win G3 for heavens sakes Boston you owe it to humanity." - Baron von Wanye von Gretzelstein IV, CMA , yesterday.

What a wonderful turn of events. Bigups to @NHL_imagineer for another great pic. This guy brings it almost as hard as the Bruins did last night.

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June 06 2011 02:14PM


The Vancouver Canucks are two games up in the Stanley Cup Finals. The Winnipeg Jets are closer to taking the ice and potentially making them selves an instant contender for a playoff run. And still stalwart Oilers fans like the one above find a way to continue to represent.

Big ups to @NHL_imagineer for the dope picture and @seancollins11 for being such a hardcore dude and being in the picture.

It's NationRadio.

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Brad Is About to be Much Richer-ds

June 03 2011 08:57AM

The Leafs desperately need a center for Phil Kessel and Joffrey Lupul capable of being more than a boat anchor. That's not a sleight on Tyler Bozak per se, it's hardly an insult to not be one of the 15 best players at your position in the world.

The Leafs don't have a ton to offer teams in trade so ignore crackpots suggesting that the Flyers would send Jeff Carter for a Burkie Dog and Jonas Gustavsson (surely the solution to their perceived problem of having crummy goalies) or that the Avalanche will deal Paul Stastny because they have Matt Duchene and couldn't possibly have two good centers at once.

The "easiest" way for the Leafs to acquire a center is on July 1st with a big check. The problem is the lack of talent available on the UFA market. Not anticipating the lack of UFA talent is why JFJ's tenure with the Leafs was a disaster and one hopes Brian Burke isn't going down the same road.

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Luca Caputi: What Do We Have?

June 02 2011 07:57AM

Having recently re-entered the public conciousness with his atrocious commercial with Mike Zigomanis I've been thinking about Luca Caputi. Brian Burke took him in exchange for Alexei Ponikarovsky because it was felt he was a more mature prospect closer to stepping into the NHL.

Caputi put up big numbers in his last year in the OHL and I think they're worth looking at. Follow me across the jump and we'll get to work.

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June 01 2011 03:31PM


Ain't much left to say about the Vancouver Canucks at this point. We have picked them to lose three rounds in a row and have suffered in the Playoff Preductions Project as a result. Still we would rather be dead last in the pool than correctly predict the Canucks will move on to the next round in the playoffs. We stand by our convictions.

Bruins over Canucks. Believe that.

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