Leafs Vs. Predators Scoring Chances

JP Nikota
November 21 2011 10:14AM


The Leafs probably deserved better than the 4-1 loss to Nashville. They played a relatively quiet road game, and wound up out-chancing their opponents 12-7 overall, and 8-6 at even strength. Such a low tally is remarkable, but then, the Predators are known for their defensive stye of play, and the Leafs definitely played a conservative game, so after re-watching it, the numbers don't come as a surprise.

The only three Leafs to be out-chanced at EV were Jake Gardiner, Nikolai Kulemin, and Joffrey Lupul. The penalty kill had at least 4 good chances, and the Leafs managed to only give up 1 on the PK. Not bad.

One thing I noticed while compiling these numbers is that although the Leafs had a number of shots from close in, the Predators, like the Bruins and many other defensively-oriented teams, clear pucks (often from rebounds) out of the slot quickly and efficiently, preventing the Leafs from creating too much havoc around the net.

Follow me over the jump for the numbers.

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November 20 2011 04:40PM

Impossibly, the 2011-12 NHL Season is rapidly closing in on the quarter mark already. Where does the time go?

Lowetide talks with his usual wide assortment of guests his week and the Blackhawks get some time in the hot seat as Jesse Rogers from ESPN Chicago and Sam from Second City Hockey talk about their home team only hours before they got an all world beat down by the Oilers.

Har har har.

This is NationRadio. 

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Nation Network Hockey Pool: November 20th Edition

Jonathan Willis
November 20 2011 02:55PM

This week’s edition of the Nation Network Hockey Pool has a new leader, as the previous front-runner slips into second place.

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The Leafs after the 20 Game Yardstick

Danny Gray
November 18 2011 12:11PM

Are you there Darryl? It's me, Brian.

"I think a realistic yardstick is 20 games, that being said, these points that they’ve put in the bank are important come March or April. But you can’t just have a great start and then fizzle. That flame has to be sustainable. That’s the challenge." –Brian Burke on October 20, 2011

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Phoenix - Toronto Scoring Chances

JP Nikota
November 17 2011 11:44PM

For a summary of the Leafs' scoring chances through their first 17 games, check out this recent post of mine. From here on in, it'll just be game-by-game numbers with the occasional update.

Once again, I'll link my first post on the subject that explains the parameters for counting a scoring chance. They may not be exactly what you'd expect, but there is a group of us attempting to standardize our tabulation process.

As far as an explanation goes for the following tables, the first shows each individual chance, and I've recorded who the shooter was in each case under the column 'Note'.

The second table summarizes how many chances for (green) and against (red) each player was on the ice for, and under which circumstances. Remember that they don't have to be the shooter - they just have to be on the ice when the chance is taken.

The final table is more or less self-explanatory, but, just to be clear, it just divides the number of scoring chances at EV, PP, and PK by team and period.

Hope you enjoy.


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