The Case for Drafting Dylan Strome

Justin Fisher
April 29 2015 04:46PM

Dylan Strome appears to be the guy that most Leafs fans want to draft this summer. As I wrote this article, the little poll that sits to the right of of this site told me that 58% of TLN readers preferred Strome to Mitch Marner or Noah Nanifin, which is not an insignificant amount of you.

What makes Strome really interesting is that, much like Hanifin, there's no telling if he'll even be available by the time Toronto's fourth overall pick comes up. It's widely believed that Arizona, the owner of the third overall pick, will likely take one of the two, with the Leafs most likely choosing between whoever's left over and Marner.

If Arizona does take Hanifin (or Marner, I guess), here's three very good reasons why the Leafs should be interested in nabbing Strome.

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - Apr 29, 2015 - Dash Cams

Steve Dangle
April 29 2015 02:22PM


On this episode, Steve yells at pedestrians, UFAs, and playoffs!!!

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Marlies Must Remain Focused To Close Out Series

Jeff Veillette
April 29 2015 01:51PM


The Toronto Marlies continue to be full of surprises. At the nineteen game mark of the season, they were the worst team in the American Hockey League and well on their way to being the least successful Leafs affiliate of our generation. They then proceeded to win 35 of their next 57 games to sneak into the playoffs, and are now one game away from potentially sweeping their first round matchup. 

At this point, you can't deny that the team is "for real". Though, with that considered, they're far from invincible, and there are a few reasons need to continue treating themselves as underdogs.

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Friedman's Thoughts on Leafs

Jon Steitzer
April 29 2015 12:00PM

While the first round of the playoffs were highly entertaining, they have left us with limited Leafs content. To help give us delicious little nuggets to tide us over to the draft, we rely on Elliotte Friedman's 30 Thoughts. So let us give thanks to Uncle Elliotte as he has given us the gift of player, GM, and prospect speculation.

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Marlies Recall Four From Orlando

Jeff Veillette
April 29 2015 11:02AM


Following the elimination of the Orlando Solar Bears from the Turner Cup playoffs, the Leafs organization had a bunch of its prospects sitting around with nothing left to do. That changed this morning, as the Toronto Marlies recalled four players from sunny Florida to recently sunny Ontario.

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