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August 28 2014 02:02PM

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Greetings, fans of LeafsNation! Your ol' pal baggedmilk here from Nation HQ. Today, I'm here to bring you guys some wonderful news.  No, I'm not telling you that the Leafs will be ending the drought, but I am here to tell you about free LeafsNation stickers! That's pretty cool, right?

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Steve Dangle
August 28 2014 12:55PM

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Many of the players featured in our Top 20 Prospects series aren't that familiar to Leafs fans because not everyone checks out the AHL, CHL, or European games. David "the Brolldozer" Broll is one of just a few guys who made our list with actual NHL experience. 

Even though we only ranked Broll 20th to start last year, at least one our our writers explained why we should be excited about him. It's been over a year and it's still worth a read

You might note that another big fan of Broll is none other than Kyle Dubas.

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Fighting for Pro Hockey Gigs: Leafs announce Rookie Tournament Roster

Jon Steitzer
August 28 2014 10:26AM

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Today the Leafs have released the 2014 Rookie Tournament Roster and Schedule. For the most part this is exciting because the end of this tournament marks the beginning of training camp, but it also gives a few prospects a chance to earn an extended look at training camp, potentially the unsigned/undrafted guys can make a case for AHL deals, or getting selected in the next draft, and the tournament hockey is much better than the pointless scrimmages of development camp.

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Another team for us to hate

Ryan Fancey
August 27 2014 08:20PM

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Over the last twenty-four hours or so, there have been a couple reports that the NHL has some serious plans to expand the league quite substantially by 2017. As Steve mentioned this morning, there have been talks of up to four cities being added to the current crop, and right now the assumption is that there is no relocation involved, we're talking brand new franchises.

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TLN Top Twenty Prospects: #18 - Garret Sparks

Jeff Veillette
August 27 2014 12:16PM

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Today on The Leafs Nation's Top Twenty Prospects list, we shift away from defencemen. In fact, let's ditch skaters entirely. Because sometimes, the puck is going the other way and you need a guy to stop it. Today, let's talk about Garret Sparks.

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