The Steve Dangle Podcast - November 21, 2014 - Cup Counting

Steve Dangle
November 21 2014 07:03PM

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Shout out to Andrew Myers for the lovely picture above.

On this episode, Jesse says blasphemous things about the Stanley Cup and Steve discussing big booty jeans...for me.

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LFR8 - Game 20 - Exhale - TB 2, Tor 5

Steve Dangle
November 21 2014 07:36AM

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Leafs Postgame: van Dreamsdyk

Ryan Fancey
November 21 2014 07:05AM

It's been a difficult week for the Leafs, and while it's somewhat foolish to label a game "must-win" this early in the season, if they had dropped last night's game to the Lightning, the big-picture articles and radio spots regarding coaching and management would have kept churning out until an example was made. A solid win against arguably the best team in the conference helped to alleviate all that, at least temporarily.

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
November 21 2014 07:00AM

Oilers losing culture, Leaf problems, Flames and Canucks continue to surprise, Mike Richards, regression and more in this weeks Roundup.

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LGD- Tampa Bae

Adam Laskaris
November 20 2014 01:33PM

Coming off what has to go down as some of the of the worst six consecutive periods in the Randy Carlyle era, the Toronto Maple Leafs look to rebound against a divisional rival.

Luckily for the Leafs who have seen issues both defensively and in net, they're playing the lowly Tampa Bay Lightning... who average 3.6 goals a game, second in the NHL (which is also where they currently sit in league standings.) Not exactly the type of team to face when you're looking to get back on track.

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