Leafs call up TJ Brennan from Marlies

Jeff Veillette
March 12 2015 08:59AM

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In a move that was a little unexpected but much deserved, the Toronto Maple Leafs have called up defenceman TJ Brennan from the Toronto Marlies. Unlike recent the recent call-ups for Petter Granberg and Andrew MacWilliam, this is not labeled as an emergency roster move.

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LFR8 - Game 68 - Passion - Buf 3, Tor 4 (SO)

Steve Dangle
March 11 2015 10:56PM

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LEAFS POSTGAME: It's actually the Eichelbowl

Jeff Veillette
March 11 2015 08:00PM


Something to remember as teams rapidly tailspin their way into the bottom of the standings? The thirtieth place team isn't as likely to win the draft lottery as they were in previous years. In fact, you only have a one in five shot to end up with Connor McDavid, which realistically means that the Buffalo Sabres are tanking for Jack Eichel. The Leafs are trying their best to catch down to them, however, and had a chance to give the Sabres a big two points tonight. The end result? Well, they gave them one, but unfortunately for the tank, kept a pair for themselves as well.

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Nylander Picks Up Two Points in Marlies Loss

Jeff Veillette
March 11 2015 07:48PM

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While the Maple Leafs try their very best to lose to the Buffalo Sabres, the Toronto Marlies are gunning for victories. Lots of them. As many as they can get, really, as they push towards a playoff spot that nobody expected them to even approach. Tonight, they continued to chase the dream, taking on the Leigh Valley Phantoms in rare weekday evening game.

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LGD- Battle of The Unwatchables

Adam Laskaris
March 11 2015 11:00AM

On Friday, first-place Toronto visits third-place Buffalo in one of the hottest games of the year.

But unless you're a follower of the National Lacrosse League, you're stuck with the less-exciting Toronto-Buffalo matchup of the week, with the Sabres coming to visit the Maple Leafs tonight.

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