Jeff Veillette
January 17 2015 07:55PM

The above video was made in the year 2010, and yet it feels like nothing has changed. Except for the fact the Leafs started 1-2-1. Hell, if we want to be technical, the Leafs are still paying the player who makes a last-second cameo. 

Needless to say, the Peter Horachek era hasn't started off the way that many had hoped. In fact, on the score sheet, it's been a disaster - the Leafs were just shut out for the third time in four games tonight.

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LGD - Can We Go Home Yet?

Justin Fisher
January 17 2015 02:16PM

The Leafs' latest goal scoring phenom, defenceman Roman Polak, will return to Scottrade Center for the first time since being traded by the St. Louis Blues to Toronto this past offseason.

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The Biggest Question Facing the Leafs

Bobby Cappuccino
January 17 2015 10:17AM

It’s over halfway through the season, and the Leafs have proven to be what most expected - amazingly average. Great offence at the cost of some disastrous defence. The coaching change has helped, but it hasn’t immediately paid off, as most rational fans could have anticipated. But it hasn’t helped enough - again, as most rational fans could have anticipated.

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The Fantasy Minute

Nation World HQ
January 17 2015 06:00AM

NHL Fantasy Hockey tips from The Nation Network and DailyFaceoff.com. Here’s a quick run through of the best Fantasy Hockey waiver adds, sleepers and buy-low sell-high candidates for the week (Based on 12 team leagues).

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Marlies Split Charlotte Series

Jeff Veillette
January 16 2015 09:23PM


I don't think that this member of the Toronto Marlies is very happy. First off, he got a penalty. Secondly, the penalty box man clearly is doing some sort of dark magic, stripping the name off the back of his jersey and swapping all of his equipment with painfully generic goods. But mostly, he got a penalty.

Whoever this totally not-a-member-of-Charlotte-Game-Ops player is, they're probably feeling pretty mixed about these two games.

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