Rob Ford wants Iron Mike to be next Maple Leafs head coach

Thomas Drance
April 21 2015 03:16PM

Photo Credit: Kevin Hoffman/USA TODAY Sports

Rob Ford is a Millionaire, a city councillor, an occasional radio host, the former mayor of Toronto, a football coach, a crack smoker, and a Hockey Hall of Fame board member. So it's fair to say that he brings, uh, let's call it a 'unique perspective' on topics big and small. 

From gravy railways to cunilingus to skipping the Pride Parade, Ford isn't afraid to publicly express his unpopular opinions in loud and declarative tones. On Tuesday afternoon, he chimed in on who should take over the Maple Leafs as the organization's next general manager and head coach.

Ford's pick for general manager? He's with pretty much everyone in the 6ix, in sharing the Mike Babcock pipe dream (pun intended). And who does Ford think should be the Maple Leafs' next bench boss? For that Ford's going off the board and throwing his weight behind a throwback candidate, Mr. 'Iron' Mike Keenan.

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Marlies Sign Justin Nichols to an ATO

Jon Steitzer
April 21 2015 10:05AM

The Marlies have made yet another ATO signing, this time Justin Nichols, goaltender for the Guelph Storm. These signings are wonderful because it means the Marlies/Solar Bears rosters will be filled out with players that are developing, rather than players who have seen the door shut on any possibility of making the NHL. Getting another goaltender in the system especially makes sense, as goaltenders tend to develop a bit slower and are harder to project in their late teens/early 20s.

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Monday Mailbag: Marlie Madness

Jeff Veillette
April 20 2015 06:50PM


The Leafs are out of hockey games to lose. They didn't end up with the promised child, Connor McDavid. Unsurprisingly, the topics here have changed a little bit. The focus has shifted to the organizational players that are still playing, and typically that involves the surging Toronto Marlies. Here's four questions you had about the team, plus a raging outlier.

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TLN Player Power Rankings: Draft Lottery Edition

Jon Steitzer
April 20 2015 01:00PM

In case you missed it, the Leafs will not be drafting first overall thanks to the rigidly held tradition that the Oilers must pick first overall. While there was a 9.5% chance at happiness, there was an even greater chance at sadness (depending on your allegiances as high as 90.5%). We can take comfort in the fact that Connor McDavid will not be a Bruin, a King, or a Flyer, and to me that’s worth celebrating. The fact that he’s playing out of conference is also a nice little plus. And there’s the small matter of the Leafs being able to select an incredibly talented player with the 4th overall pick. Hanifin, Strome, Marner, you can’t go wrong (famous last words) and personally I don’t care which one is selected since at some point of the past season I’ve made a case for anyone of them being a Leaf.

Like the draft results or not, the draft lottery has set off a series of events around the league that will shift the way the off season is approached, and given that there aren’t any Leafs games to base power rankings on this week. We will instead rank the top ten Leafs who could be impacted by the draft lottery results.

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McLellan let go by Sharks, could be an option for the Leafs

Ryan Fancey
April 20 2015 11:05AM

This summer has the potential to be one of the busiest in recent years for a lot of NHL clubs, as it's been forecast to include a deep draft and an abundance of options for coaching and management positions in need of filling. After a few teams got things started with personnel changes last week (notably the Leafs and Flyers), a bigger name hit the market today when Todd McLellan and the Sharks decided things just weren't working out

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