Best of the Nation – 11.4.12

Jonathan Willis
November 04 2012 09:15AM

Photo: S.Yume/CC BY 2.0/Wikimedia

After the jump: 20-ish articles covering a range of subjects. Which player overseas has had the most impressive performance so far? Why is the CHLPA imploding? Who were the best free agent signings of the last CBA? Zack Kassian or Cody Hodgson? Perhaps most importantly: who is Roberto Luongo mocking with his new Twitter avater?

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KHL Highlights: Not cancelled. Kovalchuk's SKA scores 9, Malkin scores, and more

Steve Dangle
November 02 2012 08:24PM


Winter Classic cancelled? WHO SAW THAT ONE COMING?!?!?!?!

On the other hand, there with 9 KHL games on Friday. Good hockey, good highlights.


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Marlies allow 2 shorthanded goals in 3 seconds in loss to Abbotsford

Cam Charron
November 02 2012 10:06AM

I think Justin Bourne pointed it out first, Paul Ranger looks absolutely brutal on this first goal. That's, uh, Steve McCarthy, who had a real uneventful NHL career as a defenceman, who looks like he's about to dump the puck in, and then sees this wide-open hole in front of him.

Now, officially, the two shorthanded goals were scored in "three seconds", but counting the time it takes for the Abbotsford Heat players to celebrate and get back to the face-off circle, and then score again, it really takes about 40 or 50 seconds. "Two goals in three seconds" is a slightly misleading moniker, but that doesn't make the Leafs look all the better for it, particularly the way the second goal was scored.

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There's nothing wrong with saying what Tyler Bozak did was racist

Cam Charron
November 01 2012 03:10PM

I am a straight white male, which gives me a lot of privilege in the hockey world. But many of our readers are not straight white males, and one wrote in with an emphatic opinion of why it's not okay to ignore that what Tyler Bozak did was racist. This following is a Leafs Nation guest post.


As you’ve probably heard, Tyler Bozak decided to pay tribute to one of his favourite musical artists by dressing up as Michael Jackson for Halloween this year. As you’ve probably also heard, he decided to provide his costume with a final touch of authenticity by painting his face black. Above is the picture he tweeted before hastily deleting.

Every time a public figure turns up in blackface, there’s a brief internet furor about whether blackface is racist. The consensus answer is generally: yes, for a number of historical and sociological factors, blackface is racist. That’s not what I want to discuss. My issue lies with what happens immediately after the initial outrage. With Tyler Bozak, as with Raffi Torres and Patrick Kane and Adam Burish before him, there was a noticeable lack of discussion of his actions, beyond the conclusion that blackface, in the abstract, is racist.

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Matt Frattin is probably just replacement-level

Cam Charron
November 01 2012 11:42AM

I'd like to have thought that, by now, most Leafs fans would have come around on the fact that Matt Frattin is at best, a player slightly over replacement-level.

I got this comment, though, yesterday:

I think Frattin probably has more offensive upside than a 4th liner. He seems more suited to a third line role.

It seems that teams create a difference between their 3rd and 4th lines in name alone. From a team-building perspective, it makes more sense to me, to have your best players on your first line, slightly worse players on your 2nd line, slightly worse players on your third line, and slightly worse players on your 4th line. The "offensive upside" gap isn't as big as we'd like to make it out to be. Anybody who has seen Mike Brown stickhandle or shoot could probably attest to the fact that it's not like he doesn't have talent.

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