Ron Wilson, Difference Maker

Jonathan Willis
November 04 2011 04:11PM

Ron Wilson has always been one of the more interesting coaches to follow in the NHL. Aside from his gruff temperament, he’s also heavily involved in using new technology to help him coach, and using advanced statistical measures to make player decisions. He’s an innovator, and that makes him a fascinating coach to study.

He also seems to have discovered something that most NHL teams are still blind to.

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The Phaneuf-Gunnarsson non-pairing

Cam Charron
November 04 2011 02:44PM

-The Leafs Nation nerdling returns!

Earlier this week I looked at individual Fenwick percentages for the Toronto Maple Leafs, and there was some discussion in the comments as to why Dion Phaneuf's individual number was so much higher than his partner Carl Gunnarsson.

So I looked through the timeonice shift charts and the play-by-play data from Wednesday's game in New Jersey and Thursday's game in Columbus and give us a brief picture at what happens when the two play without each other.

I only looked at full shifts at even strength and didn't count the few seconds tacked on at the start or end of a shift where one member changes on the fly. If there was a significant amount of time before or after the change, I looked at that.

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Why Giving Pekka Rinne A Huge Contract Was A Bad Idea

Jonathan Willis
November 03 2011 02:30PM

The Nashville Predators made waves on Thursday by signing Pekka Rinne to a seven year, $49-million contract. It is the largest contract in the history of one of the NHL’s smallest markets, and it instantly establishes Rinne as the cornerstone for the team for most of the next decade.

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When It Means Something: The Leafs at the Columbus Blue Jackets: In Columbus, in November.

Danny Gray
November 03 2011 11:08AM



Tonight two teams with Military inspired names go to battle in this, the most important of months, in the most redundant of places. 

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Delaying The Inevitable Or: How Long Will The Losing Streak Be This Season?

Danny Gray
November 02 2011 09:10AM

 With the Leafs sporting an unlikely record of 7-3-1 on the first day of November many people are asking: when will the bottom fall out? This Leafs team, while playing well, has benefited from a significant amount of luck over the first month of the season. For an illustration of this look no further than their record in one goal games: 5-1-1. Only two of their wins were by more than one goal, the opening 2-0 win over the Habs and the 4-2 victory over the Rangers. While the fan section of my brain remains steadfastly assured that this team is indeed too legit to quit, the rational writer section knows that the Leafs going to lose more than three games this month. They might even lose two in a row, something they have yet to do this season. That’s fine. Every team does. What they need to avoid is their habit of losing more than 5 straight games, something they have managed to accomplish each year since the lock-out. How’s that for consistency!

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