LFR6 Game 46 - Mad Martin

Steve Dangle
April 25 2013 02:04PM


Martin St. Louis: 2014 Olympian?

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What's eating Nazem Kadri?

Cam Charron
April 25 2013 10:08AM

Or rather, "What's Nazem Kadri been eating?"

Here's a worrying trend: In the last five games, Leafs 5-on-5 scoring chances with Nazem Kadri on the ice:

  Chances For Chances Against
vs. NJD 0 2
@ WSH 0 2
vs. NYI 2 4
@ OTT 5 5
@ TBL 1 1
Total 8 14

In the last five games, Leafs 5-on-5 scoring chances without Nazem Kadri on the ice:

  Chances For Chances Against
vs. NJD 6 7
@ WSH 9 5
vs. NYI 5 7
@ OTT 3 6
@ TBL 12 11
Total 35 36

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YakovMironov's Leaflets: Playoff Bingo!

Jon Steitzer
April 25 2013 12:57AM

Playoff Bingo

(bigger, more playable card)

“What’s more fun than playing Bingo?”

“Nothing!” answers your 90 year old Grandmother.

Well it’s time for Leafs Nation to catch Playoff Bingo fever with this handy dandy Bingo card which should be easy to complete by the end of Game One.

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Martin St. Louis tricks Leafs into thinking Lightning are good hockey team

Cam Charron
April 24 2013 08:42PM

Photo via Scott Audette/NHL Interactive

With three games left in the season, the Leafs not sending out their everyday lineup and ending up with a loss in Tampa Bay might have been a cause for concern. Not on this night. The concern here is that the Toronto Maple Leafs had no answer for a 37-year-old on Tampa Bay's first line. The final scoreline read 5-2 for the BOLTS, who defeated the LEAFS on home ice.

Of course, the 37-year-old on Tampa Bay's first line is a bit of a late bloomer. Martin St. Louis had a hat-trick and somebody finally replaced Sidney Crosby as the top scorer in the NHL so far. Crosby has been out for nearly a month, so the only thing certain is that whoever wins the scoring title will have their accomplishment marked with a big asterisk. If St. Louis ends up on the top, I assume that every player below him on the scoring leaderboard will also be marked with a "†":


1: Martin St. Louis*
2: Sidney Crosby†
3: Steven Stamkos†
4: Phil Kessel†
5: John Tavares†

* - Got a bunch more games than Crosby
† - Yo, younger than 37

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Preview: Game #46 Leafs @ Bolts - How Grandmaster Boucher was beaten

Cam Charron
April 24 2013 11:30AM

Before the start of the game, Ben Bishop will come out onto the ice as the starting goaltender for the Tampa Bay Lightning and skate diagonally from the home bench to the home net, and I will find this amusing.

It should be a shock to absolutely nobody who reads my work that I was on the high school chess team. I've always taken a bit of a tacticians approach to analyzing sports (the only thing that actually angers me when watching a sports game is when the BC Lions punt on third and short. I can handle devastating touchdowns against, baseballs hammered by opposing players into the gap with the bases loaded and even when I did have a hockey team to cheer for, I could shrug off an overtime winner. But I can't forgive punting on third and short.)

Guy Boucher was also a tactician. And now he is no longer much of anything. Jon Cooper is now the coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning, and they'll be no closer to a playoff spot.

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