Shawn Reis
December 09 2014 09:55AM

Well boys and girls, I hope you brought your popsicles because its about to get scolding hot in the Air Canada Center.  You already know the rules...because there aren't any.

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Phil Kessel Could Use Some Time Off

Jeff Veillette
December 09 2014 06:44AM

According to Damien Cox of Sportsnet, Phil Kessel is probably injured in quite a few ways. Thus far, he’s been able to play through these injuries. But, and I know the gravity of what I’m suggesting, wouldn’t it be in the best interests of everybody for him to sit a couple of games?

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Monday Mailbag: Jeffy Veyman's Day Off

Jeff Veillette
December 08 2014 02:01PM


I don't know why I bother with lead-in descriptions for these mailbags anymore, but I'm really happy that I'm not doing this on my lunch break this week. 

To submit your Leafs & Marlies questions, leave a comment on this post. Alternatively, send a tweet to us (@tlndc) or myself (@Jeffler).

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LFR8 - Game 26 - Whale Win - Van 3, Tor 5

Steve Dangle
December 07 2014 02:50PM

Screen shot 2014-12-07 at 4.36.30 PM


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First Star, Worst Star: December 7, 2014

December 07 2014 07:30AM


Death, taxes, and the Oilers never winning a game. Some things in life are certain, just like I'm certain that it's time once again for another edition of First Star, Worst Star. 

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