Leafs beat Habs 3-1 - Scoring Chances

Cam Charron
March 03 2012 07:59PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs played in front of Randy Carlyle for the first time tonight, playing an excellent game defensively and finally breaking down Carey Price in the third period after heavily out-chancing Montreal after they took the 1-0 goal. Mikhail Grabovski came into his own in the second half of the game with three taken chances and scored twice.

The re-tooled second line actually looked excellent. Matt Frattin scored the other Leafs' goal, and Montreal's only response was the Max Pacioretty line. Click past the jump for totals:

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Nation Radio - March 3, 2012

March 03 2012 05:33PM



Sometimes we go for a much wider view here on OilersNation Radio. We invite guests who write about other teams and players from around the league. We think it makes us seem somehow more refined, more cosmopolitan...

Not this week baby. It's pretty much all Edmonton, all the time. Allan talks with a numbers of influencial Edmonton bloggers on a variety of topics including advanced stats, Ales Hemsy and the recent Gilbert trade.

This is Nation Radio.

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Carlyle's Style - How it can help the Leafs

Cam Charron
March 03 2012 02:25PM

My main critique with Ron Wilson in the past was his player deployment. I believe that the more successful organizations will find a way to get better usage out of their offensive players by starting them in the offensive zone and their defensive players by starting them in the defensive zone.

But as late as December in the season, this was a reversed trend for Wilson. He started his better defensively second-line in the offensive zone more than he did with the defensively suspect first unit. Mikhail Grabovski, probably the best two-way player employed by the Toronto Maple Leafs, "leads" all forwards with percentage of shifts started in the offensive zone.

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Ron Wilson Fired- Randy Carlyle Hired

Danny Gray
March 02 2012 07:49PM

How did an unemployment application get in there?

Well, that was unexpected. In a somewhat surprising move (the job of a coach whose team has just gone 1-9-1 is never safe) the Maple Leafs announced Friday that Ron Wilson had been fired and replace by Randy Carlyle. He of the 2007 Cup winning Anaheim Ducks and noted Burke BFF/Cronie.  

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The Force Is Strong With This One

JP Nikota
March 01 2012 07:22PM

As many of our regular readers are by now probably already aware, I am a teacher by trade. At the moment, I teach a smattering of different grades and subjects, including a grade five English class where hockey discussions often get heated. It's not uncommon for these discussions to find their way into the journal entries that I have the class complete on a weekly basis. Almost any subject can, with a little creativity, be turned into a rant about hockey. Just this once, the students were specifically asked to write about their favorite or least favorite sports team.

Read on to view a piece of writing that should give beleaguered Leafs fans hope for future generations of fans carrying the torch. 

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