The Steve Dangle Podcast - April 14 - Playoffs Eve

Steve Dangle
April 14 2015 10:18PM


On this episode, we predict the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs, jinx everything, and talk about the Leaf's future.

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WWYDW - Which Playoff Team Will You Be Following?

Justin Fisher
April 14 2015 09:46PM

The Stanley Cup Playoffs kick off tonight and I don't think I've ever seen a bracket more engaging or unpredictable. The first round matchups couldn't have turned out any better, providing us with enough narratives to give a mittenstringer a seizure.

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Marlies win fourth consecutive game, close in on final playoff seed

Jeff Veillette
April 14 2015 09:03PM


This was a must win game, and for once, it had nothing to do with implications and everything to do with the quality of opponent. Quite honestly, the Iowa Wild are far from stellar; in fact, they're the worst team in the AHL this year, currently twelve points back of 29th. They don't even have a McDavid to tank for, either! This should have been an easy two points for the playoff-pushing Marlies.

Sixty minutes and two goals later, it appeared to be just that, as Toronto took home a commanding 5-2 win.

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More like Brendan Shamahan. #MyColumn:

Bobby Cappuccino
April 14 2015 07:00PM

He had an opportunity to learn from The Master and didn't take it.

Brendan Shanahan wants you to believe he has a Shanaplan. And while I was a Shanafan of him when he was a player, it really doesn't seem like he knows what he's doing.

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Horachek moved a disappointing but unlucky team in the right direction

Jeff Veillette
April 14 2015 04:00PM

As the old saying goes, coaches are hired to be fired. Peter Horachek was probably the prototypical example of this; his promotion to head coach was labelled as interim from the start, and he was in that awkward spot in between "rising star" and "brand name". It may as well have been a death sentance for his tenure, particularly when you consider the team he was tasked to run.

With all of this said, the past four months have been a highly public audition for him. To ensure a more permanent role in another organization, he had to had to look good behind the Leafs bench. Unfortunately for him, it was a bit of a mixed bag.

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