In Praise of Pessimism

Danny Gray
September 12 2011 08:59AM



Many of the articles I’ve written over the summer have focused on how our opinions or beliefs about hockey are formed. I have largely focused on the influence of biases and other cognitive issues on the individual level. With the increasing popularity of message boards and the comment section of Leafs Nation or Pension Plan Puppets, our ideas are influenced by other individuals and the group itself. It turns out that when coming to a consensus as a group a single individual can change the entire group’s opinion. 

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Maple Leafs Allowed Shot Locations

JP Nikota
September 12 2011 07:20AM


While doing research for my article on the Leafs' defense in this year's Maple Leafs Annual (Go buy one!), I compiled a series of graphs that displayed the locations of shots taken on the Leafs net, sorted by which players were on the ice. Naturally, to help alleviate the effects of scoring biases, I've only used data from the Leafs' road games while the team was at even strength. As we'll see, differences in sample sizes account for many of the differences in patterns, but I believe that there are nevertheless important differences to observe, and that it makes for interesting viewing, one way or another.

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September 11 2011 09:59AM

Ten years ago today we were sitting at the breakfast table getting ready to match wits with a class at the U of A. The entire family was watching BBC News when they announced that a plane had accidentally crashed into the World Trade Center. As they cut to live footage and commentary, it was a matter of minutes until we saw the second plane crash into the second tower live.

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September 10 2011 05:31PM


We sincerely hope that this most excellent summer weekend finds you in good spirits and in good health. We have a jim dandy of a lineup for this show. Thom Drance from CanucksArmy, former WHA Oiler Skip Krake, Jonathan Willis, Jason Gregor and Oil Kings commentator Kent Simpson round out the roster this week.

This is NationRadio.

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A GM's Carol: The Ghost Of Draft Schmaft

Pension Plan Puppets
September 09 2011 01:31PM

Wonderful images courtesy of Dirty Dangle

Jay Feaster, after a long night, had woken up to head to the bathroom to deposit the remnants of the liter of cola he'd had just before bed. Suddenly, his room started to fill with fog and a sense of lost opportunity washed over him.


"My name is Jay."

"Oh yeah, Jaaayyyyy, I'm the Ghost of Draft Schmaft"

"What do you want with me?"

"I'm going to show you the damage that Calgary's terrible drafting has caused."

With that the thickening fog dissipated and Feaster and the ghostly spectre have moved to a chilling scene.

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