Mailbag: Responses From The 6

Jeff Veillette
August 03 2014 10:14AM


I'm going to partake in the biggest tourist-trap weekend of the year in Toronto. Specifically, I'm headed down to Molson Ampitheatre for two days of OVO Fest. Drake puts on an awesome main event night, and I'm excited to see what the Outkast hype is all about today (I was too young for their early material and in my 'lol le wrong generation give me old rock' stage' in the end of the first part of their career). With that said, I'll be gone for most of the day today and tomorrow, so I'm going to cop out and, well..

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I Choose Who?

Jeff Veillette
August 02 2014 05:35PM


For the second consecutive day, the header photo of my article is probably much more important than the actual post. In any event, I was messaged on AskFM (my inbox is overflowing with questions at the moment, but I want to space out full-on mailbags a bit) a few days ago, specifically asking the most important hockey question I've ever received.

Which Pokémon would you want playing for the Leafs?

Let's try to nail this one down.

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Cap Crunch?

Jeff Veillette
August 01 2014 10:19PM


The Leafs have added a bunch of new players. They've made some trades. They've retained most of their restricted free agents (no pressure, Spencer Abbott). But now Toronto is two months away from puck drop, and people remember the mess that they got themselves into last year. Are they on a crash course to do it again?

Maybe, but probably not.

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
August 01 2014 08:05AM


Trevor Linden sparks the fighting in hockey debate, a Jake Gardiner type deal in Justin Schultz' future, Flames and Jets goaltending, Nail Yakupov talking the talk, and more in this week's roundup

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Leafs Renew Affiliation With Solar Bears

Jeff Veillette
July 31 2014 03:59PM


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The Toronto Maple Leafs have made a decision that is part hockey, part business today, agreeing to a two year extension of their ECHL affiliation with the Orlando Solar Bears. This extension appears to also make the Leafs and Marlies their only affiliates, removing the Minnesota Wild organization from the mix.

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