The 2008 Toronto Maple Leafs: Where are they now?

Cam Charron
November 29 2011 04:40PM

I couldn't help but giggle a bit when I read Danny's post on the difference between the 2008 Leafs and the 2011 version. By all measures, the 2011 version is a much better hockey team and Burke built a team was scattered short on talent to a respectable club that appear to have a shot at the playoffs at the end of November despite a slew of injuries to key players.

By looking at the roster that was posted, I had to ask, where did all these people go?

Well, I had an hour to kill, so I looked through cap geek, Hockey Reference and a few other interweb resources to find out where all the members of the 2008 Toronto Maple Leafs ended up after their tenures ended in Toronto.

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The Leafs before and after Burke

Danny Gray
November 29 2011 09:29AM


As you all know it has been exactly three years since Brian Burke was named President and GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs. He is truly both the “Head of State” and “Head of Government” of the most storied franchise in the NHL. When he arrived he promised us a team “with proper levels of pugnacity, testosterone, belligerence, and truculence.”

While I could write out 1000 words on how Burke has reshaped both the Leafs NHL roster as well as re-stocked the Marlies and the team’s prospect system the best illustration is to compare the roster he inherited on November 29, 2008 to the one that beat Anaheim on November 27, 2011.

Those of you with weak stomachs or a heart condition might want to avert your eyes.

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Leafs Vs. Stars Scoring Chances

JP Nikota
November 28 2011 11:37PM


When the Leafs walked out of Dallas with a 4-3 shootout win, it was apparent to anyone who watched the game that the boys from Toronto were lucky to walk away with one point, let alone two.

Jonas Gustavsson was good enough and lucky enough to hold the fort, and a couple players other than Phil Kessel managed to pot three goals on Kari Lehtonen.

The Leafs were out-chanced 16-8 at even strength, and were hanging on by their teeth in the third, when they were out-chanced 7-2.

This was the worst game - in terms of scoring chance differential - for the Lupul-Bozak-Kessel line by a wide margin. Lupul was out-chanced 12-1, Bozak 10-1, and Kessel 8-1. Woof. Future teams should look to this game as a way to beat the Kessel line.

The list of Leafs to out-chane their opponents at even strength is short: Connolly (3-0), Kulemin (3-1), MacArthur (3-1), Crabb (4-2), and Gunnarsson (2-1), who didn't finish the game.

More, after the jump.

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Leafs Vs. Lightning Scoring Chances

JP Nikota
November 28 2011 01:10PM

Sometimes you don't beat an opponent so much as you annihalate every remaining speck of their competitive spirit.

23-12 Toronto. That was the final tally of scoring chances when the Toronto Maple Leafs beat the Tampa Bay Lightning 7-1. Even strength only marginally improved that number for the Lightning, bringing the totals down to 17-10, as the Leafs had a number of power play chances.

Read on after the jump for the charts.

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Nation Network Hockey Pool, November 27th Edition

Jonathan Willis
November 28 2011 12:30AM

It was a close thing, but last week's leader held off a strong challenge to remain in first for a second consecutive week.

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