To Trade For Top-Six Size

JP Nikota
February 24 2012 06:56AM

I think most of us can recognize that the Leafs currently have more trouble preventing goals than they do scoring them, but that doesn't mean that Brian Burke shouldn't add to his forward corps if a good player comes available. It wouldn't take a Rick Nash or a Dustin Brown to improve this current Leafs' forward group either; there are other names out there, I'm sure, that could help the Leafs that aren't being discussed on message boards all over the internet.

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Born and Bred

Pension Plan Puppets
February 22 2012 11:31AM

Editor's Note: This is an entry in our search for Fresh Blood at TLN. Every possible contributor will get three posts to strut their stuff and then we'll ask you readers to help us choose who is going to join.

By: John Lofranco @jtlinmtl

One positive thing about being a Leaf fan in Montreal is that I get to experience the wacky Montreal media and fanbase, and that gives me some much needed perspective on what gets written about the Leafs by Toronto-based "journalists" and the bulk of the Leaf-loving population in Southern Ontario.

The best, most recent example of this was the "Randy Cunneyworth doesn't speak French" debacle. I get that it is somewhat of a cultural issue, but this tempest in a wine glass (French equivalent of teapot?) was mostly media-created. Why would they do such a thing? Because they are jerks, mostly, I think. Also, to get readers, and partially, in some cases, for political purposes. And of course as soon as the media kicks it off, that mushy middle of under-informed, overly-passionate fan runs with it. I won't get into the whole debate here, but suffice it to say, it was nice to see someone else's media being stupid for once.

But we of the Leafs Nation are not without our own, stupid, cultural controversy.

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Breaking Down A Break Down

Pension Plan Puppets
February 21 2012 10:54PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs fell to the New Jersey Devils 4-3 in overtime on a goal that could only be described as mind boggling awful. While Jonas Gustavsson has to wear the goat horns for three of the four goals - not so bad you might say if you're Gustavsson's relative - the first goal was the Leafs' defensive efforts on the season in a nutshell. Ok, maybe the bad goaltending is the nutshell. Or maybe the Leafs' season has two nuts in one shell. Whatever. Come after the jump for a highly technical breakdown.

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Luke Schenn: Broken and Busted?

Kent Wilson
February 21 2012 08:36AM

Editor's Note: This is an entry in our search for Fresh Blood at TLN. Every possible contributor will get three posts to strut their stuff and then we'll ask you readers to help us choose who is going to join.


During Wednesday night's game against the Edmonton Oilers, Luke Schenn found himself watching from the press box, not as an injured player, but as a healthy scratch. Ron Wilson felt that it was best for Luke and the Leafs that he sit out and watch, hopefully thinking about how he needs to try harder, and how he wants to become a better hockey if he wasn't doing that already.

Schenn has met success everywhere he's gone in his career, from the WHL, to the World Junior Hockey Championship, to the NHL. This kid knows how to play hockey, evidenced by his two out of four outstanding seasons, wedged around two rather disappointing ones.

I don't have rose tinted glasses towards Luke, I know he's had some struggles and I've cursed his name more than a few times while watching a game, but I wonder was he the right choice to scratch against the Oilers? Did he deserve to be benched?

Follow me over the jump to find out.

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Leafs Nation Podcast Episode 4

February 20 2012 10:23AM


This is the second consecutive Leafs Nation podcast to be completed with the Leafs on a Western Canadian road trip, and so, once again, Danny Gray and I had the pleasure of being joined by another Western writer in Cam Charron, of Nucks Misconduct, Backhand Shelf, the Nation Network, and... did I forget another site? In any case, with Cam around, this podcast has plenty of insight on the Canucks as well as the Leafs.

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