Remember Me?

Steve Dangle
October 15 2013 12:59PM

It's amazing what we forget sometimes.

I wrote a Leafs news and notes post yesterday, recapping a few little Leafs tidbits. Nothing too important, really. I mentioned that Frazer McLaren is not eligible to return to the lineup until the Leafs' 11th game of the season against Columbus. Shortly after I published the post, I received this tweet.

Holy crap - I forgot about David Clarkson.

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LGD - Game 7: Wild @ Leafs - Beautiful white sweaters

Cam Charron
October 15 2013 11:28AM

via @mnwild, the best white sweaters in the NHL

The Minnesota Wild are an interesting team to follow (I say this about most teams in the NHL, but trust me. It is SUPER true about the Minnesota Wild). Two years after the then-Biggest Debate Ever About The Validity Of Shot Metrics created a giant rift between online folk and Wild fans, Wild management have stressed a puck-possession philosophy, and the early returns are quite good.

It's not good for the Wild in that they've become an unstoppable juggernaut like San Jose or Colorado (note--??) but only the Sharks thus far have taken a higher percentage of shots than Minnesota. It's still remarkably early to judge, but if a team is taking close to 60% of the overall shots after 6 games, you can say with reasonably high confidence that they'll be a plus-possession team for the remainder of the season. At 3-1-2, their record isn't going to turn very many heads, but they're right there among the top teams in the league in the early going.

The "3" in the Wild 3-1-2 record have all come in a row, including a surprisingly close 2-1 win over Buffalo yesterday.

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#SadDangle Photo Contest

Justin Fisher
October 14 2013 05:50PM

Last week, Steve Dangle got really sad and pouty over the Leafs' lost to the visiting Colorado Avalanche - Toronto's only loss of the season so far.

Instead of being a good friend, and offering any form on consolation, I superimposed Steve's sad and pouty face on other photographs, hoping to embarass and demean him. You know, for fun.

Now, I'm offering all TLN readers the opportunity to do the same. Use the below image of #SadDangle to create your own hilarious photographs, and email them to Feel free to also post them to Twitter, and use the hashtag #SadDangle so we can find you.

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News & Notes: Oct 14, 2013

Steve Dangle
October 14 2013 12:00PM

                         Photo courtesy of @HennyTweets

See that? Optimus Reim communicating with Megajon. This is big for peace talks between the Auto-buds and Decepti-Conn(Smythe)s...I tried.

The Leafs were on the ice on Monday as they prepare for their tilt with the Minnesota Wild tomorrow. Here's what was noteworthy.

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LFR 7 - Game 6 - Lighting Oil Lamp (LOL) - Edm 5, Tor 6 (OT)

Steve Dangle
October 13 2013 08:37AM


"YOU KIDS EVER SEEN A DEAD BODY?!?!" - This game, if it were a person.

This Oilers-Leafs game was hopped-up on Mountain Dew and honey badger testosterone. This game stole your bike and made out with your girlfriend. This game wrote an entire history paper without clicking save.

Watch my video on these shenanigans.

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