Possession and the Preseason

Jeff Veillette
October 04 2014 02:54AM


The preseason is over. It's time for teams to make their final decisions, and get ready for their season-opening puck drop. For the Toronto Maple Leafs, that's Wednesday. But before people get to tearing apart the regular season games for every number we can squeeze out of them, I'm going to do that very thing to the preseason.

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Leafs Postgame - Ending on a High Note

Jeff Veillette
October 03 2014 09:24PM

The last game against the Detroit Red Wings was one of the greatest snooze fests of our generation. It was legitimately a struggle to sit through it, and that's not because the Leafs were shut out - it was just really boring. Tonight, we saw the opposite. With players looking to make strong final impressions, the Leafs overwhelmed their opponents, taking home a commanding 5-1 win to end the preseason.

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Next TLN Blogger: The Finalists Vs. The Playoffs

Justin Fisher
October 03 2014 05:27PM

Welcome to the final round of the Next TLN Blogger contest!

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Leafs Roster Preview - Stephane Robidas

Ryan Fancey
October 03 2014 08:25AM

#485986725 / gettyimages.com

Over the past few seasons, an obvious weakness in the Leafs' lineup has been the lack of a truly defensive blue-liner. Not to be confused with a lumbering stay-at-home guy who can push people around, we're talking about a mobile defenceman who can be responsible positionally and make smart plays to turn the puck in the right direction. Stephane Robidas seems to fit that description, so his name has been bounced around as a potential Leafs trade target more than once in recent years. 

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Nation World HQ
October 03 2014 05:30AM

Regular season is just around the corner, player previews, player cuts, fake signing's, cool gifts for fans and more in this week's Roundup.

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