Ben Scrivens, slow start to 2012

Cam Charron
November 26 2012 09:37AM

So the football team just won a championship and the Mayor apparently got kicked out of office, so on Monday morning I decided to look at Ben Scrivens. I think regular readers at this space know exactly what's coming. Scrivens has just a .900 save percentage this season and is 5-6 with a 2.56 goals against average. He's 28th out of 40 listed goaltenders in American Hockey League save percentage.

I mayhaps ought to have written this post after Dave Feschuk wrote Scrivens off as the Leafs' "post-lockout saviour" based on eight minor league appearances since the beginning of the season. Actually, the whole article itself is just a general smear job. Here's his comment after quoting Dallas Eakins saying perhaps Scrivens' early season struggle was about getting "a little comfortable".

Minor leaguers getting comfortable? So much for Burke’s Day One vow to eradicate the scourge of Blue and White Disease; even Leafland’s AHLers are regularly being nudged by their coach for alleged complacency.

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KHL: Yakupov's 2 Points, SKA fires coach, Gonchar's cannon breaks glass

Steve Dangle
November 25 2012 09:40PM


Can you imagine how much everyone would freak out if a team won a game that moved them into 1st place in the league and then they fired the coach? Well, that happened today in the KHL. No, really.

Some great action around the KHL today. Check it out!

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The Best of the Nation - 11.25.12

Jonathan Willis
November 25 2012 08:42AM

After the jump, the best of the Nations from this past week, including a bunch of lockout talk, whether the Sedin twins are Hall of Fame-calibre players, which unknown Europeans might deserve an NHL shot, the best and worst jerseys in Oilers history, a healthy dose of comedy and a look at the only player to compete for the Grey Cup and Stanley Cup in the same season.

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KHL Highlights: Kulemin scores 2, Komarov's big return, and more

Steve Dangle
November 23 2012 08:29PM


Last week Leo Komarov was riding a bus with the AHL's Toronto Marlies. Now he's on a line with Alex Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom. Not bad.

The NHL keeps cancelling games, and the KHL keeps churning them out. I hope you like the videos we're putting out, and as always, I'd love your feedback.


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Gerry James: Two-sport star

Cam Charron
November 22 2012 01:43PM

It's Grey Cup week in Toronto. In the midst of an NHL lockout, there's no sense of whining and complaining that we can't watch our favourite athletes compete. There was a time where even if the NHL had it's doors shut, you could watch your favourite player in a different spot—football.

Introducing Gerry James, a Canadian Football League Hall of Famer, the youngest player to ever play in the CFL at the age of 17, and a former Toronto Maple Leaf.

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