Preview: Game #38 Leafs @ Devils - "I have a theory about concussions"

Cam Charron
April 06 2013 01:35PM

Until yesterday, we could say that whether Randy Carlyle's decisions to play with three lines, sit one of his best defencemen and favour size over speed in the lineup were good or bad, at least they weren't affecting the safety of his skill players.

That's not the case anymore. With no effective league-mandate on handling concussions handled by independent specialists, we know how the Joffrey Lupul saga ends. Lupul, after taking a shot to the head last game and leaving the game after initially missing the bench by three whole feet, will probably come back to the lineup too early and put himself at further risk.

I don't claim to be a concussion expert, but the only concussion expert who seems to think that there are different levels of concussions is Randy "I Have a Theory About Concussions" Carlyle who has come up with an absurd explanation for why he has yet to call Lupul's injury what it is: a concussion.

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"Upper Body" Headaches

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
April 06 2013 11:20AM

Guess what? A member of the Toronto Maple Leafs is out with an undefined upper body injury with no real timeline. Here we go again..

Yesterday, Joffrey Lupul left the game following a hit to the head from former Leaf Jay Rosehill, immediately after being hit by Adam Hall. Lupul was so shaken, that he missed the bench on his first attempt to get on it, and once on it, could barely walk.

But guess what!? It isn't a big deal and they're not calling it a concussion, says Randy Carlyle.

Randy Carlyle says Lupul feels fine now. Said he's 50/50 to practice tomorrow. Will have to see how he responds. (Jonas Siegel)

'No, that's a bad word. We don't use that word until we're 100% sure.' (Mark Masters)

Of course, you shouldn't actually take this word as the gospel, given the Leafs recent history with managing concussions.

Here's just a few of the mishaps in the Leafs organization involving concussions in the last couple of years:

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Joffrey Lupul the latest Leaf team won't admit has a concussion

Cam Charron
April 05 2013 12:03PM

Before Jake Gardiner had concussion-like symptoms, Toronto Marlies head coach Dallas Eakins defiantly said that Gardiner "wasn't in a concussion state" after sustaining a hit against the Rochester Americans.

When Nazem Kadri was hit in the head, the Marlies officially said that Kadri had "headaches" and was eventually held out of the lineups for two weeks with a rib injury.

James Reimer's agent last season tweeted out that Reimer was "symptom-free since April". It was disclosed that Reimer did, in fact, miss 18 games with a concussion last season, and six at the end of the season with a more mild "upper body injury" which was apparently not related to his previous concussions.

So forgive me if I'm wary about Joffrey Lupul's injury status after Lupul took a hit to the head and got up wobbly last night against the Philadelphia Flyers.

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LFR6 - Game 37 - Dangle vs Hat Guy

Steve Dangle
April 05 2013 09:56AM


Steve (stupid jinx) and Hat Guy finally battle it out. Stupid Steve is the reason the Leafs lost. Stupid Steve is the reason Lupul's hurt. Stupid Steve.

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Questionable officiating; coaching costs Leafs in 5-3 loss to Flyers

Cam Charron
April 04 2013 08:56PM

Photo via Abelimages and NHLInteractive

The officiating was bad in Thursday's loss to the Philadelphia Flyers. The Leafs were cost at least three powerplays in that game. Jay McClement was taken down midway through the second period at the top of the circle after a turnover. Nazem Kadri was tripped up on a zone entry late in the third. The winning goal was clear goaltender interference on the part of Adam Hall. Joffrey Lupul was also hit in the head and left the game.

BUT! One thing I want to stress, one thing that I'm quite sure none of the afternoon radio shows will discuss, was a coaching decision by Randy Carlyle late in the third period. Down 4 to 3 with 4:45 to go, the Flyers sent out their fourth line of Sean Couturier, Adam Hall and Jay Rosehill for a defensive zone draw. Carlyle pondered the matchup. After a TV timeout, he had a fairly rested lineup. The players he throws over the boards?

Jay McClement, Colton Orr, Mikhail Grabovski, John-Michael Liles and Mike Kostka.

The Maple Leafs lost 5-3.

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