NHL's Draft Guru Passes

April 07 2011 04:42PM

This is EJ McGuire during his time as an assistant coach for the Philadelphia Flyers. McGuire passed away today, leaving a void in the hockey world's draft process. His "draft profiles" were a handy item for fans and media alike, and for those who follow the NHL's draft process year round McGuire was the point man on each winter's best young talents.

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Just who was Leafs' MVP this season?

Steve Lansky
April 06 2011 10:42AM

These four guys (The Rocket, Gordie, Walter and Number 99) sure know what an MVP is. On Tuesday night, just as the Maple Leafs’ playoff hopes were gasping their final breath, I read a tweet that said something like, “Reimer’s play since January stole Leafs’ MVP crown from Mikhail Grabovski.” And, of course, that got me thinking. Is that so? Who was the Leafs’ MVP this season? Reimer was certainly the most popular player, and the guy most responsible for the late-season charge. But, over the entire season, who was the Leafs’ MVP?

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Game #80 Scoring Chances: Capitals @ Maple Leafs, Apr. 5/11 (3-2 SOL)

Slava Duris
April 06 2011 08:24AM

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 21185

James Reimer had to be solid in net once again, as the Capitals attacked frequently and racked up 28 scoring chances on the night.  Meanwhile, the Leafs got just 1 PP scoring chance in limited time, the goal by Kulemin.  Reimer turned away all of the top scoring chances and held the Caps to just two goals, with 2nd one deflecting off Luke Schenn on what looked like a harmless play.  There seems to be more of these funny bounces occurring in Leaf games lately.

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Nikolai Kulemin: 30 Goal Scorer

Pension Plan Puppets
April 05 2011 09:43PM

In tonight's 3-2 shootout loss to the Washington Capitals, Nikolai Kulemin joined Phil Kessel as a 30 goal scorer. Taking a pass on the wing from Clarke MacArthur he cut inside and rifled a wrist shot past Neuvirth to become the first Maple Leafs' born and bred 30 goal scorer in a long time. How long? The last time a player drafted by the Leafs scored 30 goals for the Leafs was 1998-99 when Sergei Berezin notched 37 goals.

When Nikolai Kulemin came to North America he came with a strong pedigree. He was the Russian Super League's playoff MVP with Mettallurg Magnitogorsk and came with a glowing scouting report courtesy of Dave King before he crossed the pond:

Everybody would assume that Malkin made Kulemin a great player. It was a combination of both players. Malkin's a great player, but Kulemin could really play with Malkin, read off Malkin. He's just a really good, really complete player. Any NHL organization that's got this man has a good player.

He's a two-way hockey player. He's got the ability to add to your offence. He can make good plays, he can also score. Beyond that, what really impressed me, was his defensive anticipation. His ability to read the game defensively and make the right play.

That is probably the kind of guy you'd want to talk to before writing a story about the newcomer. You could also just admit you don't know what to expect. Or you could be a moustachioed asshole, take the most ludicrous prediction possible and insult an entire fanbase. You might not want to do that because when he pots his thirtieth goal of the season you will probably look like a dummy.

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Dion Phaneuf, Norris Finalist

Jonathan Willis
April 05 2011 06:32PM




The Dion Phaneuf wearing the blue and white in Toronto is not the same Dion Phaneuf who was a finalist for the Norris Trophy in 2007-08. Believe it or not, that’s a good thing.

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