KHL Top 10's

Steve Dangle
November 11 2012 11:55AM

Hey did you hear Gary Bettman and Don Fehr were talking about the Collective Barg-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Here are your Top 10 KHL Goals, Saves, and Hits of the Week! The KHL has been on a mini-break but return to action on Wednesday. Enjoy!

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Best of the Nation - 11.11.12

Jonathan Willis
November 11 2012 10:27AM

Photo: Hakan Dahlstrom/Wikimedia/CC BY 2.0

It's Hockey Hall of Fame week, so we lead off with a question: should the Canucks retire Pavel Bure's jersey? From there, the conversation goes all over - NHL equivalencies, the impact of the lockout on AHL attendance, whether rebuilding actually works, the U.S. presidential election, how to win an Evander Kane autographed stick and jersey, NHL '13, puckhogs, the demise (or exaggerated demise?) of the Sedins and much more.

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The Toronto Maple Leafs as Pokemon

Cam Charron
November 09 2012 02:02PM

Jake Goldsbie over at Backhand Shelf wrote a fun post today comparing NHL figures to Pokémon. Inspired by that, I decided to write a post comparing the Toronto Maple Leafs to various fictional creatures from the original 150 list from Pokémon Red & Blue.

If you weren't born in the late 80s or early 90s, this post probably isn't for you, but, screw it, I don't want to talk about labour issues. The Goldsbie post went up under the tag "No, you're a slow news day" and, he's right.

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Leafs in 10-Game Segments

Gus Katsaros
November 08 2012 11:09AM

I scoured through some of the Leafs schedule when I was looking at the worst penalty minute stretch. It started to look like a hint of something a little different. I started thinking about the breakdown in season segments and how the Leafs performed over 10-game segments. How did the Leafs do at even strength?

Using scripts I dissected the Leafs schedule into eight separate segments of ten games, *although I added the last two regular season games to the eighth segment since a two-game sample is just ludicrous*. I wanted to isolate the two components of interest, shooting percentage and save percentage.

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Protecting Themselves: A Closer Look At Team Specific CBA Clauses

November 08 2012 08:29AM

NHL owners are a fickle bunch. They're savvy investors, skillful prognosticators, overall captains of industry. But what Joey Middle Class and Johnny Blue Collar fail to understand is that these billionaires who preside over the day-to-day actions of the NHL franchises we all know and love and used to watch play hockey is that they too are human. Behind the steely gaze of a Murray Edwards or brash bravado of an Ed Snider is a small, withered, insecure husk of a man who wants everyone to like them and hopes that no one is around to embarrass them when they try to talk to girls.

Part of that insecurity we have to acknowledge as hockey fans is that these owners are prone to mistakes. Proprietorship over a club is like having that whole collection of Ninja Turtle action figures you had as a kid, except on a much larger scale where there are real people involved. Who you control. Safe to say, that power can go to your head. Owners who fall prey to their own egos will test the limits of what is accepted or rational or allowed, just to see if anyone tries to get in their way and stop them (Exhibit A). Naturally, this can get owners in trouble, and unfortunately, they don't see the errors of their ways until it's a little bit too late (Might I once again remind you to take a gander at Exhibit A?!?!)

But, as luck would have it, these executives are empathetic and tend to look out for each other, as if they let one man go down based on his own merit as a billionaire, that's one less person they can play laser missile squash with at their secret rich guy clubs that we're not supposed to know about. As such, they band together, looking for ways to safeguard their power and vast influence from their single greatest nemesis:


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