Maple Leafs Penalty-Kill

Gus Katsaros
March 06 2013 11:41AM

The Leafs penalty kill has improved, sitting at the halfway mark, 15th (heading into the game versus the Devils) after sitting at the bottom of the league for the past few seasons.

They moved up a tick to 14th, the upper half of the NHL, 82.7% after blanking the Devils on four opportunities Monday night.
It’s a little strange to see them in the middle of the pack. They have played the 14th most minutes down a man at 127:43.   At home, they have played the fifth least minutes (52:52) and 19th on the road.
The improvement on the penalty kill is vital to success this season. Better defensive efforts at even-strength limit the effects being afraid to take a penalty that would likely lead to a goal against. They started off fairly well climbing to as high as sixth before dropping to 27th two weeks into the season before bouncing back to the mid-mark.

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Korbi's Kontrakt

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
March 05 2013 04:35PM

Two contract related moves by the Toronto Maple Leafs in two days? It’s talking point Christmas in Toronto! Today, the Leafs signed Korbinian Holzer to a two year contract, with a cap hit of $787,500.

The general reaction right now could and should realistically be indifference, with some outliers. But as it stands, the feeling is negative. Let me try to slow this one down a bit…

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Toronto re-signs Korbinian Holzer for two years

Cam Charron
March 05 2013 03:34PM

When Dion Phaneuf and Korbinian Holzer are together, the Toronto Maple Leafs take just 43.2% of the total shots. It is worth noting that the pairing play often against other teams' top lines.

That said, with Phaneuf on the ice with Michael Kostka in a similar role, the Leafs manage slightly better, 45.8% of all shots. When Dion Phaneuf and Carl Gunnarsson were together last season in an identical role, the Leafs managed 49.8% of all shots.

That third number is a hair short of even, and despite tough minutes, Phaneuf and Gunnarsson kept the Leafs' head above water last season as the second and third pairings struggled a little more with puck-possession relative to where they started on the ice.

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LFR6 - Game 23 - U Kad, bro?

Steve Dangle
March 05 2013 11:19AM

Good. Stay Kad.

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Right Place, Right Time

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
March 05 2013 10:59AM

Tyler Bozak is a great third line centre on an elite team. He wins draws, he can pass well, he’s got good positional awareness. He’s able to drop into the top six when need be. In fact, a good team can still have him as their second best centre and fare well for themselves if they have talent spread around the roster.

With that, Dave Nonis and the Toronto Maple Leafs should be reminding other GM’s of this for the next few weeks, selling him to the highest bidder. “Wait, weren’t you just hyping him?” you may say. But hear me out.

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