While I’m at the Blue Jays game…

Steve Dangle
April 02 2013 09:29AM


Are you there, Leafs? It’s me, Steve.

Leafs…I don’t ask for much.

I’ve been watching you for a long time, Leafs. As far back as I can remember, I would throw on my little 93 jersey, plant myself firmly in front of the television, and watch the blue and while battle their biggest rivals.

I remember watching Mats Sundin play with guys that got put on waivers the next day.

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Reports: Leafs talking with Kiprusoff's reps

Cam Charron
April 01 2013 05:47PM

Per Aaron Ward, the first to break the news that Jarome Iginla had been traded to the Boston Bruins.

That said, Ward was vindicated somewhat by the word of Bruins' GM Pete Chiarelli, who said that he thought that there was a deal in place. I don't have a reason yet to distrust Aaron Ward's sources, and the general belief is that the Leafs are looking for an upgrade over Ben Scrivens. John Shannon has also mentioned it.

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In James Reimer, the Leafs found goaltending solution at home

Cam Charron
April 01 2013 01:54PM

So Dave Nonis held a small conference in Toronto this morning. No particular purpose I can see, just to update folks on the looming trade deadline and the Maple Leafs' approach. There's a full transcript at the Globe & Mail and I wanted to focus on Nonis' comments about his team's goaltenders.

Is adding experience in goal part of your thinking?

Nonis: Experience and depth. We feel like where we are with our goaltending with the Marlies as it’s been pretty good. But there’s not a lot of playoff experience with those goalies. We’d like to get them some… If we had someone there that played a lot of playoff games, some NHL playoff games, and was a real good third, then we wouldn’t be in the market at all. But having someone there that could help in the event that we would need them would just make sense for us. But I have to caution everybody that it’s only if it makes sense for us and if the price tag is reasonable. If not, we’re comfortable with what we have.

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"Depth" down the middle

Ryan Fancey
April 01 2013 10:09AM

I'll admit that some of the items on the Leafs' wishlist heading in to Wednesday's deadline are a bit confusing to me. We've read that, while they aren't in dire need of making a deal, the team is keeping an eye out for a) a top four defenceman, b) a veteran goaltender and c) a depth centre. Sign me up for the defenceman, but the veteran goalie idea is strange and I'm not exactly sure what depth at centre is supposed to be.
Are we talking Derek Roy depth, or bottom six depth? Because the Leafs just dealt a centre in Dave Steckel that fits the latter. If they're looking to find a guy who can play up and down the lineup, then I guess Roy sort of brings that. But to be honest, I'm not sure how the Leafs could go about this.

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Five Leafs thoughts to begin the week: Smarch 1st

Cam Charron
April 01 2013 04:52AM

"Lousy Smarch weather..."

A few thoughts to kick off your week, and previewing the things we'll look at on this blog in Toronto Maple Leafs analysis, while we wait for the eternity between Leafs games...

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